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What's the deal with NumisMedia



It seems like 75% of the coins listed don't have pricing

It kinda burned me when I read this:

NumisMedia does not currently support Star(*) Grades.

'No Price' notation indicates that NumisMedia does not yet provide the value for this coin.

Alright, I can understand not pricing the * grade, but the second sentance?? I mean, come on! Even PCGS has a better pricing guide than NGC, even if a nickel is worth a $1.00, it lists it as such. Even the errors, and different varities.

WHat actually brought this to my attention (again) was that there is a 1971-S PF68 Deep Cameo Quarter on Ebay, and the guy has a bid of $375. I checked PCGS (cause you don't have to sign on to see "the secret value") and it list it at $475. I check NGC, and it list it as "No price", but the PF69 Deep Cameo is $1,130, which is about a grand off from what PCGS lists it as.

Frankly, I don't care WHO list WHAT price, it should be standard across the board. And if I get the argument of PCGS list prices for their graded coins, then NGC is underselling themselves....especially after bragging about selling the 1804 $10 gold for5 mil.

There, I got it off my chest!



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