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Merry Early Christmas!



...For me, that is....


(I wrote this in comics, but it also pertains to my coins. Please don't ask me why I'm getting into comics, cause the coins are too much now!)WELL! My big old 44th birthday has brought me some good things! My dear wife knows how much I like the casinos (and how the casinos love me is more like it) but she allowed me to go to the Hard Rock Casino here in Tampa FL on my birthday, which was the 24th of this month. I go there with all good intentions of spending $100.00. Now, I don't play cards with humans because I am a sore loser, and I have realized that if I lose to you, I will nag you for dinner till I get "my" moneys worth. So, I play the one armed bandits. A half hour doesn't go by before I realize that I spent my $100.00, so off the the good old ATM for another $100 and ask for forgivness later. This time, I'll be more conscience of my spending. That last for about an hour. Shoot! Here it is, 1400hrs (2:00 p.m. to the civilians) and I'm down $200, and the wife is sure to be upset with me! Well, me and my good judgement says go get yet ANOTHER $100...if I'm already in the dog house, might as well make it worth my while. I love my wife, very much. SO, there I sit, drinking my last red stripe beer, thinking of my excuse of why I spent $300.00 on slot machines when I could of spent it on getting comics and coins graded! It was then, Lady Luck smiled on me. I was playing the dollar slot when all of a sudden, a 7 showed up and two doublers! (x4) for a total of $960! SO NOW! my story telling has changed! Hummm....well, let's see how my wife reacts when I tell her that I spent $300.00, and then if I get chewed out, I'll at least have the money to keep her quiet! So people keep congradulating me on my win...and I'm still over the shock of recovering $300...but now how to tell the wife about the win! So, here was the battle plan. I show her the $300 in receipts I spent gambling, and wait for the reaction, then explain to her, "here's the 300 I spent, here's a hundred for the Ebay "I forgot to tell you" and here's 200 for the comics and coins that are getting graded now, and the other 300 is for what I would like to spend on comics and grading". Sounds like a plan. So I get home, and show her the shirt I bought. One of those, been there, got the t-shirts deal. She happy for me, likes the t-shirt. Then she says (I knew it would happen) "how much did you spend?" I doggedly show her the receipts, and the first one shows the total left in the bank. She centered in on that and said "OH! We got to watch our spending!" I'm thinking, this is going to be good! She didn't total up the receipts that I gave her! But she asked me again "How much did you spend?" I tell her 300. She had that pasted smile on her face and said "Did you have a good time?" I told her yes, it was great, and she said "we can't do this any more". I think there was a smile hidden on my face somewhere cause she smelled it. Well, I'm not one to hold out too long, so I let her in on "my plan". Needless to say, when she saw the first 3 Franklins, she was relieved...and after the other 3 she said "Holy !" and the last three just brought hysterical laughing. I don't think she really heard me, but all 9 of the Franklins went into her little purse. So....yes, I "paid back" my $300, and for my Ebay "oh by the way, I forgot to tell you" and spent another $100 on comics, which in turn will get graded and for the coins and comics that are getting graded as we speak! Thank you Hard Rock Cafe! Did I mention I love my wife?



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