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Wissahickon Collection


A look back at the year's purchases, sales, and goals.

*Top 15 Most Wanted List:

This was an interesting year regarding the list. I purchased only 3 coins; #5-10-15. All were Quarters.

Fewer of my targeted coins were seen this year than in the past. Additionally, I rejected more of the candidates which I inspected. I'm not sure, yet just what this means; but my initial reaction is that the "good stuff" is being held by collectors and not being turned over for "investment" purposes.

A fair amount of "lesser quality" for the grade material is being cast onto the market in search of impatient collectors. I'll have to give this more thought.

*As to my total puchases for the year, they fell into the following catagories:

-Morgans 21%

-Seated H-10 20%

-Seated 10 14%

-Buffalo 5 9%

I calculated these percentages to match against what I have identified as my current favorite/ most actively collected series.

Below are my Top 5 Areas of Interest and h ow my actions (purchases) matched my statements.

1-Seated Liberty H-10 20%

2-Barber 25 3.5%

3-Buffalo 5 9%

4-Morgan Dollars 21%

5-Barber 10 3.5%

At first glance there are some correlations and some variances.

The key question: "How much of the variance is due to straying from my areas of focus, and how much is not being able to find suitable coins in my favorite areas?"


*Sales/ Trades.

I sold and traded a greater number of coins than purchase for less money than spent. My selection of candidates for elimination was determined by one of two factors:

-Upgrading of quality in my "favorites" catagories listed above; this was the primary reason.

-Continued elimination of series or individual coins that no longer interest me:

Rooseveldt 10

Franklin 50

Jefferson 5

For the above three denominations I have retained only Type Set examples.

Washington 25 Retaining only selected dates from the 1930's.

Mercury 10 Retaining 1916-28, plus a few selected later dates.

So, 2006 has been another year of making progress toward sculpting my "IDEAL" collection. Here's wishing a successful and enjoyable 2007 "Year of Coins" for all collectors.



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