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Going in the wrong direction



My goal was to walk away from collecting... but it sucked me back in.

Just when you think you've recovered, ya relapse. Coin collecting just might be an addiction. I wonder if I can go on disability to stay home and buy coins.

In any case I had planned to sell off my collection of NGC PF70 Silver State Quarters. It's not a complete set of course (even when speaking of the coins which have already been released).

Instead of selling them, I just purchased the 2000 year set. This brings me up to 30 of the 40 quarters which have been released up to this point (The 2000 coins are not yet in my registry set and the PF69s are just fillers).


There is no going back at this point. I have to complete this set. k... now who would like to give me the 1999 quarters for Christmas? I've been a good boy. No? Well it was worth trying.

I have 1 of the 5 1999 quarters, all of the 2000, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2 each from 2002, 2003.

So at this point I need 4-1999s, 3-2002, 3-2003. I would like to at least get the 2002, 2003 quarters out fo the way before the 2007s come out. The 1999s are getting so expensive I have to get them soon...but I dont see how that is going to happen.

Come to think of it. I probably have enough other coins to sell to collect enough greenage to get those 1999s.

So that's what I am going to try.

I will keep my journal update with my progress.





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