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I could never sell everything...

I do plan on keeping some coins. I have a Dansco 7070 which I begun a short time ago... and it and the coins I have collected thus far for it, will remain tucked away. I also bought another Dansco album and filled it with blank pages (one for each denomination) and it is almost completey filled. That will remain as well. There are also some select graded coins I will not part with.

The reality is that there is a lot of money tied up in my collection....money that would be better served, serving my family rather than myself.

I will never completely leave the hobby. I hope to spark interest with my daughter using the Dansco albums I am saving. Coins are rich with the history of our great country and I hope to share that with her, and our other children when they arrive. There is a lesson in every coin.

Another thing I plan to do...which I am excited about... is taking some coins (Morgans perhaps)... and wrapping them up in an airtite container enclosed in some type of wooden box...

I am then going to bury that box up at our camp. Then as my children..and my brother's children grow up at the camp, I will share information about the "treasure". (I know its a little "Goonies" of me)

I cant think of more exciting thing for kids than to search for buried treasure...and in this case, it will actually be there.


Those are my plans.



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