I'm with "buy the holder"...



I'm tired of guessing grades of proof

Besides, we all know that it now costs on the low end. $12.50 to get a coin graded. Well, there are A LOT of coins on auctions sites that fell into the same thinking as mine "I thought it would grade higher" and with the excitement lost of expecting a PF68 Cameo and getting a PF 67...well, some people are selling the slabs for less than $6.00! That's NOT counting buying a proof set, INSURANCE to mail it, and the postage you have to pay AFTER the coins are graded. Frankly, I'm seeing a market in the "slab" business.....

Apart from all that, do you think it would be worth my time and money and postage and insurances to get this 1909 VDB cleaned?? I would like to "just cause", but I can buy one for about what the coin is worth, already slabbed at a descent price in MS62-64




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