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To fellow "no grades" or "not recognized" coin collectors



In a way, I understand NGC....NOT totally though..

As I have stated in previous journals of mine, I'm trying to get my 1954 proof Dime error graded as a double die. There is no question in my mind that I'm seeing a big fat LIBERTY, as well as a messed up 54 in the date. I have included side by side pictures with the previous entries. I have found out that NGC uses ONLY printed publication as cherrypickers and others like that. With THAT said, if it ain't in those publications, then it's not an error. So, once a good few 1997 Lincoln cents have double ears, then gets recognized. But what about cents like the 1917 double die that wasn't "noticed" until the 1980's? (Sorry, I don't have my book with me right now for the right date it was noticed). So same goes for the 1954 dime. Did it take 52 years for this error to be noticed? Are there more out there that some people just over looked? Highly doubtful, but could happen.

Thing is, if it's a "one of a kind error", they can't "classify" it as such....but yet, that doesn't make sense. How about this....if it's in the books, right off the bat, it's an error with a designation. If it's not, then they don't do the research or whatever to make it as such. How's that sound? Like I said, In a way, I understand NGC....NOT totally though.



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