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There are THREE price guides...

Admiral Mike-migration


and the first two dont count...

When the times comes to think about selling your treasures, you are going to be in for one heck-of-a-surprise!! We have all heard about the PCGS price guide and we know how far out of whack it is. Prices are as high as the clouds. Then we have the NGC values derived from Numismedia. Those prices are supposed to be more in line with real world buying and selling. But when you go to sell your coin to one of these companies "PAYING HIGHEST PRICES" well... they use the CDN grey/blue sheet, which are the dealer to dealer prices and then they pay 10-20% BELOW that!!

I met with one of these coin buyer this week. They came out here to Salt Lake City, as there were several people with colletions to sell, and mine was one of them. I was looking to sell all of my PCGS/NGC slabbed coins so that I could put the money into other investments I have going. All my coins are in a NGC registry and most have numismedia values associated. Needless to say I was quite surprised when the buyer offer less than 1/3 of the numismedia value. He stated that he uses the CDN and pays 10-20% less, so that he get his profit too. I showed him my registry set on the NGC site and the prices along with the coins. Well, to make a long story short, I kept my coins. So.... if you try to sell outright to these big coin hustler companies, dont be surprised when they tell you, that you have to pay THEM to take your coins.



p.s. This half is most certainly a cameo, however, NGC didnt think so at the time.... time for a designation review.

1952 50c P



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