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Do you want it fast or do you want it right??

Admiral Mike-migration


This coming from the king of complainers....

Let me tell you... I have ripped NGC more than once, both on and off this site... I have been their king of complainers. Having said that I would rather NGC take a little extra time and get it right rather than be fast and have slip-shod service.

It is helpful to check CURRENT turnaround times before sending your coins. You also need to remember that those turnaround times do not include weekends (sat/sun). Today on the NGC site CURRENT turnaround times are Modern=12 days, Economy=38 days (OUCH!!) and Early Bird=19 days.

If your Early Bird submission arrives at NGC today, it will be not DUE until August 25th. 19 working days, NOT calandar days!

Just remember... if you think NGC is bad... try PCGS, they really take forever, give lower grades that are not consistant, or go to ANACS with their new slab that is easy to "tamper" with, OR, you can go to ICG and have your coin put into a slab worth about 20% of the going rate... take your pick!!

I think I shall stay with NGC.


Michael W. Cooper

2000d $1 S



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