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People just make it hard to be nice...



One of my wife's favorite reasons to laugh and roll her eyes at me (other than my nerdy coin-collecting ways) is that she thinks I'm far too polite to people that come to the door trying to sell solar panels and telemarketers... It's how I was raised.

I try to be nice and civil and give people soft but firm nos. I try to respect the fact that they're just trying to earn a paycheck and a living, and I try never to abuse or be rude to them. And yet, lately, I find these people testing my patience.

Around the time Sam got out of the hospital someone must have sold their contact list, including my number, because I have been getting absurd numbers of calls from coin and bullion companies trying to sell me things and these people are obnoxiously pushy. I'm not going to buy from them.

1) I don't buy from cold calls for companies I haven't done business with.

2) I'm not buying bullion right now.

3) anyone trying to sell me PCGS coins doesn't know me as a collector.

4) even to the extent that I'm buying numismatics right now I'm making myself happy in an extremely niche world modern area that they are not going to be equipped to sell to.

And yet... all the pushy BS and aggressive, borderline condescending responses... I've been just hanging up on them more and more. Increasingly, once I've told them I'm not interested politely, I've met the standard of civility. If they choose not to respect that at that point, and try some aggressive pitch, then they're the one in breach of social norms and I'm good to just let them hear a "click." But these salespeople are just so obnoxious.

These are the calls I answer out of concern that its work or kid related. My phone is also getting flooded with calls flagged as "Scam Likely" that I just don't even answer.

I wish I knew who gave them the number. I'd probably never buy from them again.


In more positive news, after I got those 2010 25C 200th Independence Anniversary coins that I liked the condition of, I saw the same seller had some of the 50C coins made to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the BCV (Central Bank of Venezuela), so I picked up a bunch of those and I've been similarly pleased with the coins I got. So now I have everything except the 2011 25C commemorative, and I'm well set up to send in some coins in 2023 that will pretty much finish that Venezuelan type set.


It has been about a month since my wife greenlit a new gold coin purchase and, while I have something in mind, I haven't pulled the trigger because I've been waiting to see the fall-out from the hospital stay and a minor car fender-bender to play out before making any large, unnecessary purchases, no matter how secure I'm felling overall. But I have gotten her anniversary present ordered... Now I just have to figure out a Christmas present for her. She already has the kids pretty well planned out and taken care of.



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Several months ago I changed internet providers. Before I was allowed to settle my account with the old provider I was referred to their customer retention department. Talk about pushy, you havn't seen pushy until you've talked to someone who is employed and paid by the number of people they retain. This person used every trick in the book to keep me. First, the associate asked me who I was switching to and how much I was paying. I told her it was none of her buisiness. I also asked her why this provider spends so much to get new customers but doesn't seem to care about their current customers until they threaten to leave. Next they started to offer me new customer deals that were about half I was already paying. Instead of feeling grateful, I was angered by the fact that they were perfectly willing to take double the money as long as I wasn't complaining. Finally they gave up on me and my account was settled. As I hung up the phone, I felt like David going up against the giant Goliath! 

In the end, I was never going back because last winter another provider was burying fiber in my backyard. The thought of having a direct fiber connection with the possibility of almost unlimited speed to my house interested me. I always thought the prospect of having a fiber connection to my house would cost me an arm and a leg. But the provider's basic service gave me faster speed than I had before at about half the cost I was paying to the old provider!

On another occassion I got a call from a bullion company trying to sell me a high relief silver Australian coin. I told the person I was retired, and on a fixed income with a very limited coin purchasing budget. (No lying here, all true). This coin, while stunning, did not fit into any of my current theme based collections. From there, I went on to have a very pleasant 15-minute conversation with the sales rep about collecting in general! It was refreshing to see that there are still a few friendly sales reps out there!


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I have really only had this problem with utility companies who sometimes just will not except that there are better deals elswhere.:makepoint:

Here in the UK there are probably only a couple of 'bullion/collectable coins' companies that appear to be guilty of this and I have to say I have made sure not to buy from them - there are some long threads on dealing with them on some Forums xD

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