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USPS and FedEx both stink, but… Never mind that! I have coins! Time for Unboxing!

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I have to lead into this with the fact that I’m just very displeased with both USPS and FedEx at the moment.

First, I go to the mailbox this morning and see a slip of pink paper saying that there was a package requiring a signature – that I’m 90% sure is the coins Shandy ordered – that they “attempted delivery” on late last week.

We were home all day that day. We have a Ring Doorbell that logs motion events and people ringing the door. They did not attempt to deliver that package. They just left the slip in the box and now we have to go to the Post Office to get it from them in their laziness. I’m 90% sure this must have been a sub because our normal mail guy actually brings things to the door. Ya know – he actually tries to do the job.

On Sunday I’d gotten a message from FedEx saying I was getting a box from Sarasota, FL that needed a signature on Monday. I check this morning and it says the package is estimated to arrive between 12:30-3:30 PM… Okay. Cool. I run out for literally 15 minutes at 9:45 AM. The package arrives when I’m gone… at 9:55… Nearly 3 hours before the start of their estimated window… Thanks, Guys. That’s… really helpful… when you give an estimate that’s… completely wrong…

Normally I’d be annoyed because I missed the delivery because they came well outside their estimated window and now, I’d have to go get it… except… they left it… on the front porch. The guy walks up and just leaves the box by the door. No signature. He doesn’t even ring the doorbell. I know this, because, again, my smart doorbell would have logged the ring.

Way to go, folks! You both stink for different reasons…

But… I have the Venezuelan and Italian coins back in my possession again! And so tonight will be another shared unboxing event.


We opened the box tonight after the kids are in bed as is our practice. Very happy to have these home.








Somewhat to my surprise, she commented on how many Venezuelan coins there were, including relative to the number of Italian coins, but there's a reason why I pay for this out of my hobby and spending money. lol

She has now been given a 2nd Coin box as, with these 6 new ones, all of hers can't fit in the 1 box, and I'm not done working on this and there will be more. lol 

I have lots more to say about these coins coming up as I’m already working to integrate them into new and existing sets. I’m just going to try to space it out and try not to dump too much too fast.

We popped over to the PO to get the other package this morning. I tried to pick it up and Shandy snatched it out of my hand and wouldn't even allow me to touch or hold it while declaring that I can't have it until my birthday, while some older guys in line chuckled. She is still attempting to claim that this package - that came awfully fast and is the only such package to come - is some new Italian coin that she found and bought and not the Rhodesian Pennies... It's all seriously kinda rude. :taptaptap:

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I here you on this. I've had USPS leave a slip in my mailbox without ringing my doorbell before. Just last week, I've had all my ANA submissions return. NGC used both UPS and FedEx. Unfortunately, everything was due to arrive when we were out of town for our son's wedding. The UPS left a post-it on my door and when I read it, I noticed a second delivery date for a single box. When that date arrived I made sure I was home for the entire window. However, the delivery was more than an hour late into the early evening. With FedEx I started gettting notices from our hotel. I quickly set up a hold-mail request account with FedEx and got another notice for delivery for a date that we'd be home. They showed up in the delivery window with three boxes and without incident. Too much drama for me with these submissions. I will say this for both UPS & FedEx. From shipping to in my hands was at best two business days. I was very surprised and never thought my items could be delivered while I was out of town. USPS could take over a week to deliver registered mail. Gary

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I was expecting a registered mail USPS package from NGC - tracking showed it “out for delivery” that morning.  We were leaving town the next morning so I REALLY needed to get that package.  I was working in my garage, which faces the street, with both garage doors open and saw the mail carrier pull up to my mailbox. She left a pink slip (“attempted delivery, no one home”) and took off before I could get to the street, which meant I had to drive 12 miles each way to the post office after 4PM that afternoon to get it.  Their response to my complaint was “yeah, some carriers are lazy and we can’t do anything about it.”  

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On 9/27/2022 at 6:04 PM, CBC said:

 Their response to my complaint was “yeah, some carriers are lazy and we can’t do anything about it.”  

"You could replace them..." :taptaptap:

I would have been speechless and raging internally.

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On 9/27/2022 at 8:20 PM, Revenant said:

"You could replace them..." :taptaptap:

I would have been speechless and raging internally.

I was.  

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I too have had numerous issues with couriers - in the middle of one dispute at the moment as it appears they can't read, or answer emails, or the phone xD

At least one of the others has stopped emailing all the info about my packages to random email addresses and actually sends it to me now!

Having said all that, everything has eventually turned up even if it is a few months late

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On 9/27/2022 at 7:20 PM, Revenant said:

"You could replace them..." :taptaptap:

I would have been speechless and raging internally.

The Post Office is plaqued with nobody to hire like other businesses. They used to be able to screen candidates but now they have to take who they can get. And hope they don't quit.

And yep, I used to work with them. 22 years til I had to bale out for my sanity.

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