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Before Zimbabwe there was ....






The area in south central Africa now bordered by Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique and South Africa went through several reincarnations and amalgamations of territories before becoming Zimbabwe in 1980 - apparently they have inflation problems:roflmao:. I have a number of coins, almost all ungraded, from an earlier period, 1923 to 1953, when the area was called Southern Rhodesia and it was under British control.

My original target was to complete a full date run for all of the denominations but after 20 years or so this is still not finished and my excuse is that life just got in the way. One of the great things about collecting coins is that you can start, stop and start again at any time and a few years ago I decided on the smaller goal of trying to put together a graded typeset for Southern Rhodesia for both George V and George VI.

So far my Registry sets for these are still looking a bit sparse although I recently acquired a graded 1939 shilling (PCGS MS62) to make a little progress. As this year has the lowest mintage at 420,000 it is the key date shilling for George VI and at MS62 it is also the highest grade recorded at both PCGS and NGC (when I last looked) so I am very happy with this addition:bigsmile:. I should sort through my other coins as some are certainly worth grading, particularly some of the sixpences and threepences and this would start to make the sets a bit more respectable.

That Great Zimbabwe bird seems to get around quite a bit so it must be able to fly as it can't be sat down all the time!.:nyah:



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Depends on how you define it. "Great Zimbabwe" was the name of the culture that existed mostly from the 12th to 15th century and collapsed well before the arrival of the British in the late 19th century. "Great Zimbabwe" is where the name of the modern country came from after ZANU-PF took power in 1980.

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It would be great to visit the medieval city where the stone birds came from, what remains must be very impressive 'in person' and yet only a hint of its grandeur in the past.

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