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New Storage and Display Options



My father's day gifts this year hit the PMG and NGC sides of my activities, with Shandy and Ben giving me a new green note storage box and a new display case for graded coins.

This follows up on a couple of previous posts in my journals.


These note storage boxes come in 4 colors and I'd gotten 3 of them a while back - black, blue and red, but not a green. Why? The others were $20 each and you couldn't get a green for under $30-35. No clue why, as I said at the time on the PMG side. But I guess green finally got back in stock and she was able to get one for a normal price. So now I have all the colors and a new box, just in time for a 15 note submission to come back from PMG net week. I'm super excited to get those back and I'll be reorganizing things to make better use of the new box / space.


Those checks and building registry sets will probably be a major focus for me once they get here. I'll probably be using that as my diversion while trying to get through the "house situation." From Sam's birth in 2019, that Zimbabwe collection is now in its 3rd year of being my preferred repository for nervous energy. lol

The display case for the coins looks fantastic in person - better than I'd expected really. I love cherry colored wood and this thing looks and feels great. I think I'm going to stock it with two French 20 Franc coins, my Sovereign, my Prussian 20 Mark and the Italian 20 Lire. I think that's going to be looking sweet and I'll have to find a spot for it in the new office.




I think the wife might be subtly calling me lazy for illustrating this post with the cell phone in bad lighting.

I could also love having one of these with a SLQ, a Walking Lib Half, a merc dime, a Peace Dollar, and a Morgan - maybe even the Morgan NGC just gave me the other month.

Shandy has said she may one day gift me a custom 10 or 11 note case that could house the entire 10G set and, even if this happens before I finish the set, it could just have a couple of empty place-holder spots for the 2-3 coins I still need.

I'm still undecided on if I even want to deal with the 1879/7 variety for that set. But honestly, if one ever comes up in a good grade at a reasonable price and I can afford it I will probably get it. If I can't just afford it will my coin budget, I'll probably beg and plead and see if I can get Shandy to cave.



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1 hour ago, Alex in PA. said:

Very nice gifts.  Volterra is nice; I have a four slab plus an album in red.  Happy father's day.

I love the magnetic closure on the lid!

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