My most recent NGC submission - it only took me 3 months to mail it off...



It took me nearly six months to decide what to send, but I have finally convinced myself to submit a few of my better raw pieces for grading. This submission is a bit complex as it spans seven invoices and requires a few special requests. Luckily, my contact at NGC was more than willing to help. As many of you know, I have a fair number of Soho pieces that have retained their original shells. When possible, I have made an effort always to have the shells encapsulated alongside the coin in a multi-coin holder. Doing so allows me to ensure that the shells are less likely to be separated from the coin. After all, it would indeed be a shame to lose such a unique piece of Soho history that has been carefully curated over the last two centuries. In total I am only sending in 17 pieces for grading, but there are 43 items listed on the submission forms when including the shells. On any note, I wanted to share the pieces I am sending in (at least the ones I have pictures of). 

1.       1799 Great Britain proof Farthing with shells


2.       1791 Jean Jacques Rousseau medal – proof with shells


3.       1800(11) Westminster Fire Office Medal – proof with shells


4.       1804 Bombay Presidency Pice – Multicoin Reholder - As can be seen in the picture - this slab looks like a game used NHL hockey puck 


5.       1803 Madras Presidency 10 Cash - Multicoin Reholder - Another hockey puck holder


6.       1808 Madras Presidency 10 Cash - Multicoin Reholder - And yet another hockey puck holder


7.       1805 Ireland proof Penny with shells


8.       1793 Board of Agriculture Medal – proof with shells


9.       1800 George III Preserved from Assassination Medal –Proof with shells


10.   1803 Boydell's National Edition of Shakespeare's Works - with shells


11.   1802 Peace of Amiens Medal – with shells

12.   1793 Death of Gustavus III – proof with shells


13.   1793 Execution of Louis XVI of France – Final farewell – proof with shells


14.   1805 Bank of England $1 obverse die trial – proof

15.   1753 England ½ Penny

16.   1754 England Farthing

17.   1917 Costa Rica 10 Centavos

Thank goodness for the $500 grading credit from the NGC registry awards last year. That combined with the account credit for my membership will help, but I will still have a relatively substantial bill coming my way once it is all done. I will be sure to post updates as they become available. 

Feel free to do a GTG if you feel so inclined.



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On 9/8/2021 at 8:06 AM, Revenant said:

I would say that's true of everything except the World Modern and World Economy tiers. My Zimbabwe coins have been in Grading / Encapsulation for over 2 weeks at this point.

Side note: But that 17 has to be a typo that someone was trying to put a 71 in for. lol Which is a bit hilarious. 

The economy tier submission I sent along with the other items is currently in the "scheduled for grading" stage. That invoice will likely delay the shipping of the rest. If the others get done quicker, I might reach out to NGC and ask them to ship it separately. I think it would be worth the extra $25-30 to have the others back sooner. 

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Reading your posts and I have issues hoping to get your opinions. Currently have 1 submission received by NGC on 6/15/21 still in the “Grading/Quality Control” phase and no one can provide any updates. The second submission was received by NGC in early August and that one is still in the opening mail phase (if that even exists) and can’t get any updates for that one either. Now normally I would NOT be a pest but they recommend me call everyday so as of last week I started doing that only to get very frustrated.


Has this ever happened to any of you? Has NGC eventually gotten back on track or should we be looking somewhere else reluctantly. I have always thought NGC was the cream of the crop but starting to doubt myself now especially since my registries include ALL NGC coins and others seem to acquire higher points for non-NGC coins. Thank you.

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I am not sure what is going on at NGC. It might be a shortage of staff, or an unprecedented volume of submissions, or maybe a combination of the two, but regardless of the cause, they have a significant backlog at the moment. This spans the entire process, from receiving your coins to mailing them back to you once they are graded. That said, the delay you mention with your first submission might not be that uncommon depending on what you submitted (e.g., coins, tokens, medals - U.S. of foreign) and under which tier (e.g., modern, economy, early bird). The delay with your second submission in opening your package and marking it in the system seems to be the norm at the moment because of the backlog. From their provided records, it looks like they are just now opening mail that was delivered the week of August 14th, so I would assume your package will be entered relatively soon if it was delivered around that time. 

I've been directly involved in thousands of submissions, either through my account or that of my dealer friend, and I have experienced very few issues. When an issue did arise, they were quick to correct it, and I always walked away satisfied with the service they provided. I know these delays can be frustrating, but to be honest, this also appears to be an issue at the other major TPG. 

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