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NCS guestions - can anyone help?



Hello Everyone,

I just sent in my first ever NCS submission.  I thought that I was feeling good about it, but as I sit and think I wonder if I even did it right.

Navigating websites is not one of my strengths.  But I was always impressed with how easy the standard NGC online submission form was to fill out.  However, the NCS form confused me a great deal.

I have basically 3 questions to the NCS form.  I tried to call NCS once and I also called NGC's customer service for help with the questions, but I actually was more confused after the call.  So, I was wondering if there were any members out there that might know the answers to my questions. 


#1 Problem - I could only enter 15 coins on the form.

#1 Question - In the (NCS) PDF form, how do you enter more than 15 coins?

#2 Problem - The "variety" box is so small.  As I enter more words to describe the variety, the words got smaller and smaller to where one couldn't even read what was written.  (Example: Piedfort - Charles Darwin - 200th Anniversary of Birth)

#2 Question - How can someone add the needed number of words without it turning out so small on the print out?

#3 Question - Does NCS enter the submission into the system when they receive it like NGC does?  And if so, can I see it in the same "Submission Tracking" page as the NGC orders?


If anyone could help with these questions I would greatly appreciate it. 

Thank you very much, 




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You can do 2 or more forms at a time. All the coins go to NCS for preservation first and then they go to NGC for grading. After preservation then NGC will list them as ready for grading. Good Luck Bro!!!

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I have never submitted directly to NCS but on the NGC forms you can print out anther submission form, cross out the form number and write Page Two on it and continue with your list. For the description I've just continued it onto the line below (hand written and don't have another coin on that line). I wouldn't do two separate forms as you'll probably get charged the handling fee for each of them. I'd post this in the Ask NGC section to verify. 

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the above two answers give u viable options n solutions....u have couple choices...use multiple forms for more than 15 or strike out submission number on second form n enter first form number....if u need more space for variety description just use the lines below, u could use the entire page n just submit one coin....yes goes to conservation first n then to grading, entered as received as a submission once goes to grading, but u should get n email saying ur submission has been received n ur tracking number on shipping lets u know when its picked up as well.....

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Thank you so much all of you for your answers.  Perhaps I was being to rigid with the form's layout.  I filled out another order this morning using your answers and it went very smoothly. 

Thanks again.

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