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Submitting Canadian Uncirculated Sets



Hello Everyone, 

I would like to start submitting my Canadian Uncirculated Sets and I was wondering if there is a certain way they need to be sent in. The reason I ask is because if one was to cut the coins out of the cellophane wrap and send them in to NGC in plastic flips then how would they know that the coins came from a set and not from pocket change? How do you make sure that the term "Uncirculated Set Issue" gets on the label?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. 




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id ask them first just to avoid confusion n potential problems...in the past i have submitted various mint issued proof sets as one submission n it worked out but that was like 10 years ago, their policies may have changed n im not sure u can or can not get that label....its best to be on the proactive side rather than the reactive side....

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Well......it's been a while, but maybe I can help.  What I did when I was submitting these coins was to mark Uncirculated Set Issue on the submission form where you mark varieties and errors for those services, but without checking the box for Variety Plus or Error service.  When I did this, I wasn't charged for the attribution and sure enough, Uncirculated Set Issue was on the label.  I hope that this helps you!!!

Best of Luck!


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