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Plans for 2021



Short version – do all the things I still haven’t done from 2020, 2019, 2018 etc xD

Longer version – I bought less coins in 2020 than I have done for many years, and this is not because of the current environment we all find ourselves in, but that the higher grade coins in my collecting areas, even the minors, seem increasingly scarce and have rapidly moved beyond by budget making completing sets effectively impossible.

At least partial acceptance of this fact prompted some specific research into ancients and banknotes, two areas I have always been interested in and still follow, and the situation is very similar – quality examples are very expensive, even more so than coins. Financially it looks like I should have concentrated on banknotes of the British colonies rather than their coins! :facepalm:

So where does that leave things? It is no doubt apparent that I have an interest in varieties, this coupled with the rapid improvement in photography of auction lots, has made identifying such things much easier which is great – and even negates the need to buy the actual coin which is a bonus when you can’t afford them. Documenting this level of detail may not always be possible within the standard references, which makes rarity etc somewhat difficult to establish, and it would be useful to have such information available.

This Journal would be a good place for me to start, and evolve, such a study for the series I am familiar with as committing to paper, albeit electronic, often highlights gaps in the information available which my memory just doesn’t do any more,  so it was a nice surprise to receive another Journal Award from NGC. This was particularly appreciated as friends and family would probably describe me as more of a practical person and allergic to paperwork.:bigsmile: I do hope to continue adding to my collection however a shift in focus from date-runs means that Custom Sets will be more appropriate although the current possibilities for these still have plenty of empty slots before they are coherent enough to be added to the Registry.

I hope everyone makes progress on their goals for 2021 be it coins or anything else (apparently my wife thinks the kitchen needs painting etc etc).



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I look forward to your future work documenting varieties, or whatever else, here.   


I honestly have not looked through the custom sets as much as I should. I will make it a point to do so. 


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There are some fantastic custom sets demonstrating real knowledge of specialist areas in world and ancient coins - something I can only aspire to.

Some of them haven't been updated for a while which is a shame as they are impressive, this means they are not on the first page but you have go through the whole list looking for them!!

There are lots of varieties, both known and those yet to be discovered, which I find an interesting challenge, for example the known 1820 inverted 1 sixpence in the pic is still the only one graded by NGC so it was nice that it received a MS64 grade when I submitted it - NGC deemed it 'non-competitive' so it scored zero points though xD

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