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Completed a set - or thought I had!



A week or so ago I thought a recently completed set would form the basis for a Journal entry given the interesting range of denominations, metals and mints. The basic set is made up of 12 coins and my set is currently comprised of ungraded coins and coins in both NGC and PCGS holders and as such is a long way from being suitable for the NGC Registry. It is a good start though as it does include some key dates in top grades.

However, whilst assembling the coins for a 'group photo' I found that I was missing one and I can't find it anywhere doh! From memory (which is now highly suspect) this was an ungraded coin which are so much easier to misplace than ones in a slab. Just in case I can't find it, and now having an increased need to complete the set, I looked at the current auction listings where there are less than a dozen for sale, all common dates and in low grade/damaged or part of bulk lots, although one appearing in January is a bit better. Graded populations total ~60 for all years across both NGC and PCGS and these do not appear for sale very often so a fresh coin seems to be the only option - I just can't bring myself to bid on coins in 'fine' anymore so it looks like finally completing the set may be a little while yet.xD



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Ah.... That stinks! Sorry he hear that. I have a USSR coin from 1924 that I thought I'd lost and it took close to a year I think but I did find it again. Hopefully you find it. Or get a great deal on a better one!!

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4 hours ago, ColonialCoinsUK said:

I spent the weekend looking through things but no joy - that may be because I got distracted by some old auction catalogues and spent time going through those instead xD



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