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2020 a personal and numismatic reflection



2020 what a ride, some ups and lots of downs.  The year started off promising enough and then covid covered the world with a wet blanket like we have not seen before.  A rough year of many especially those who lost loved ones to the pandemic, but a boon to some that were able to continue and even profit due to it.  As I look back my life was not terribly affected by it overall from either a personal or numismatic perspective.  As I do every December I looked back as what I did, what I bought, and what I sold and reflected on how I feel I did with my numismatic journey throughout the entire year.  As I resorted my spreadsheet by date I realized that I had spent more than I had thought; don't tell the wife :devil:; maybe a few too many impulse buys.  But as I looked back I don't have any regrets for any of the purchases, some were to further a few registry sets, some like the $3 gold coin were to satisfy an itch for a type, but all were good coins and I can enjoy looking at each one.


As I look forward to the new year I am wondering what direction will next year take me, should I scale back after buying more than expected in 2020, are there any sets or projects that I should focus on or just do what I usually do and move on a purchase when the time and mood strikes me.    Ever since I finished my Lincoln 09-58 date/mm set in 2017 I have not felt the same sense of purpose or direction with my collecting.  I've bounced the idea of selling some sets like the Morgans or Mercs, but have not been really motivated to do so yet.  Part of me says that would be a good way to kick start a new collecting direction or set, and part of me isn't ready to let go of those.


I am also having trouble getting excited about the new year knowing that at least the first half of 2021 will be much like 2020, the vaccine rollout is taking much longer than many had hoped and I really do not see an end to the silly mask restrictions and other big brother oversights for several months at best, sigh.  Well enough of that I'm going to pull up my boot straps and find a way to enjoy myself this next year, and I feel confident that I will find a few special coins to purchase and enjoy in the new year.  To all my collecting friends have a safe new years and I hope everyone enjoys 2021 first from a family perspective but also from a hobby/numismatic perspective.  As a sendoff to 2020 here are my two favorite purchases made during 2020.  Get it two purchases from a year with two twos in it,:roflmao:I crack myself up.!   Both are type coins, first is this beautiful 1876 seated dime purchased from Gerry Fortin.  This is a great looking coin and filled a hole in my type set, but it also fits into my holder generations custom set theme, this holder is the first one used after the last old soap style and was a transitional one that was only used a very short time.  And the second coin is the only gold coin I bought in 2020, I was not looking to buy any gold in 2020 due to the high price of gold but a longtime collector on the PCGS forum was selling his collection of $3 gold coins and it is a type that I've wanted for a very long time.  Apologies for the different photo styles, I have not gotten around to taking photos of the gold coin yet. 






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