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So… when are you buying that other gold coin?



This was my wife’s question to me shortly after we went to the coin shop on our anniversary.

When I got a big raise in October my wife agreed to buying the $10 gold Eagle for Sam’s birthyear but said she considered that more a purchase for Sam and that I should get something that was more “for me.”

The answer to her question was basically, “when these other bills are paid off and I feel comfortable enough with the finances to drop $450-500 on something unnecessary.”

I got the coin for Sam, but I’ve been putting the 2nd coin off for a few months because I wanted to finish off some medical bills and get past Christmas. I also saw some parallels between this approach and what happened in 2017/2018 when I got the job in the first place. I got the job in October and picked up the 1888 coin for my 10G set in February.

Having taken care of Christmas, taken care of that $300 holdover bill from Sam’s birth, Ben’s pre-school for the semester AND the flood insurance, I talked to her about 2 or 3 days ago about the fact that I’m about to finally be ready to pick something up. Hobbies are great but they always need to take a back-seat to bills and I never take on debt or pay interest for a non-essential purchase.

I’ll be ready to pick the thing up / order it the 2nd week of February. I’m just going to hope the price of gold doesn’t go up too aggressively the next couple of days with earnings reporting this week and the 2019 Coronavirus fears - currently up to about $1580 as I'm writing this, so up a little from everyone getting jittery but only about 1-2%.

The leading contender is going to be an NGC-graded George V Sovereign in a Mint State grade. I’ve always wanted one for my collection – a Sovereign, not so much a George V specifically. I’ve always been a fan of the image of Saint George killing the Dragon ever since I was a kid, but I’ve never owned one.



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my kid is lucky he got out before I got fully addicted to old gold.  otherwise I wouldn't have paid to have him removed.  I guess my wife is lucky too

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I just buy new gold coins to celebrate having mine - after I finish paying to have my wife have support while delivering them.

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It's always a great feeling, that anticipation before buying a coin you've wanted for a while. And even better when you feel financially confident in the purchase, that really lets you enjoy the coin and not worry about the sticker price. I know this feeling well. :)

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1925 is your best bet for a high grade George V sovereign as most of these are actually restrikes - all my George V sovereigns are 'just' bullion!

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1 hour ago, ColonialCoinsUK said:

1925 is your best bet for a high grade George V sovereign as most of these are actually restrikes - all my George V sovereigns are 'just' bullion!

Honestly, knowing this would make me just want to avoid a 1925. I've mostly been trying to focus on pre-WWI issues in building this unofficial type set I'm making of some European gold issues, but knowing it was probably really made post-WWII?

I think I'd rather have an MS63 from 1913 than an MS65 restrike from 1949-1951.

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