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If There Is Anything To Get My Irish Up It's The Mint



Well like I said in the title I'm upset again with the mint. Now I know they have put out some wonderful coins. I can't say they haven't. But I just found out that in 2020 were going hunting again. Or should I say your going hunting. There doing the same thing with the 2020 quarters as they did in the flop of 2019. There is a spin. A privy mark celebrating the end of world war two. Now I followed last year very close. So far I believe four percent of last year's have been found.There are two thousand plus on sale on ebay. The prices falling lower. I can't see bothering. I learned if something fails the first time it will fail the second time that's how the mint works. I'm not going to get into all the aspects of this. But as a good man said they will be out there for years. The public if you were to take a quarter and ask them were is the mint mark you will here what's a mint mark? Now understand this was to get more people into the hobby. How can you do that when the public does not even know there is this great American Hunt. They don't know about mint marks and they don't care. I think it's good for the kids in the program but that's as far as I go. So out your sneakers on get ready for.April I couldn't even tell you what a complete set slabed goes for? There are none on ebay. I'm sure There are few. Get lucky I hope The kids do find them but for serious collector's I don't know. Enjoy Mike




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Yep!! Got me Irish blood boiling as well. :) I did a post in November I think which described the VERY high count of "W" mint quarters graded. The dealers are still asking very high prices when there are well over hundreds of MS67's for each of the park quarters. They won't be worth a flip in 5 or 10 years. :roflmao:

Here is the journal I did last year when the blood started to boil;



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The mint and the grading companies made a fortune last year on the "W" hunt scam. The dealers get the large bulk bags and load up on the quarters. I hope collectors realize just how many were actually graded. Check out the NGC and PCGS senses population!!

The Parks business set is shot!! I am selling what I have and investing the sales into my State Quarter Set. I also will not be building the 2019 nor 2020 mint sets.:frustrated:

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13 hours ago, Six Mile Rick said:

I also will not be building the 2019 nor 2020 mint sets.:frustrated:

What the mint has done since about 2007 with multiple quarter and dollar designs each year is just frustrating and kind of infuriating. My Sons have birth years of 2016 and 2019 and both of those mint sets are just... Silly.

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I guess the old adage applies, if you don't like something, then don't bother with it.  I am personally getting disgusted with the Canadian Mint because of their seemingly unlimited output of special issues and variations.  So, I just don't buy anything from the RCM anymore.

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