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Happy Thanksgiving! Time to keep some powder dry I think.



Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Have fun eating yourselves into a stupor tomorrow.

It's a little funny seeing everyone and their dog putting on a Black Friday sale this week - with many of them extending into next week - even the coin and currency dealers!.

In the next several days I'll probably place an order with one of my favorite merchants that will probably be one of the last purchases I make for the Zimbabwe set for a while. The notes will be part of my Christmas present this year, so they won't be showing up in any sets for a while, even once they arrive. :)

At the start of this year I thought this was going to be the year I revived my Koala and / or Kiwi sets in a big way. Instead it became the year that I took a handful of mostly 3rd dollar notes and turned them into the impressive set I'd always hoped they one day could be. The set isn't finished now but it's much bigger and cooler than I ever would have thought it'd be at this point at the start of the year. It's been a lot of hard work.

Meanwhile, while I didn't grow the set much this year, my New Zealand Kiwi set looks well-positioned to win its category again for the first time in 10 years. I guess we'll see what the final week of the competitive year holds and if that #1 ranking holds up.

Getting back on track after that tangent though... while I will be making that purchase I'm going to be trying to save up my coin budget and "keep some powder dry" moving into 2020 and not partaking in most of this sale action for now. As I mentally shift gears and get ready to go "on pause" with the Zimbabwe set I'm not 100% sure what my next focus will be.

Looking back on my other stated goals of 2020 I didn't do terrible this year. I wanted to get a 19th century French "Winged Genius" type coin and did. I wanted to get that 2019 1/4 oz AGE and I just checked that box last month. And I finally settled on a course of action and resolved my years-long debate over the 1875 10G issue.

I didn't pull off getting that 1924 double eagle but... I knew that was a long shot going in! Maybe in 2020... if I'm very lucky.

There's a part of me that very much wants to start keeping and displaying a coin or two at my desk at work but I also question the wisdom of this - I work in one of those Regis / WeWork style shared office spaces and I'd worry about something growing legs. Especially if it was something nice.



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