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You probably shouldn’t…



So over the weekend my wife met a friend for reasons we won’t go into because they’re unpleasant and my wife was there to be a friend but… Let’s just say this was someone we met back in March in the NICU…


After a while my wife sends me a message asking me if she can get away with going a little over-budget on my Christmas. I’ve been "pounding the table" so-to-speak on watching the budget. I just told her to do what she wanted but she probably shouldn’t. (Hey, I’m arguing against myself here and I know it!)

Shortly thereafter she asks me how much Silver Dollars go for and asks me to send pictures of what they look like… my interest and curiosity were rather peaked. I told her $17-20 assuming common dates.

A little while later she sends me a picture of a graded Franklin Half Dollar asking me if it was a silver dollar. I explained that it was a half dollar and that that’s what the “50C” on the label meant.


At that point I asked her “where on Earth are you?” And got a picture of a coin shop back as a response. This happens to be a coin shop we’ve been to together a few times that’s a few miles from where she’s meeting her friend. It turns out the friend’s father collects coins too and they’re looking around and doing Christmas shopping.


A little while later I get a picture of the junk dollar bin and they’re selling them for $18 each. Nice to know I was in range!


I adore her for the thought, but it’s probably for the best that she didn’t get anything. I’m not sure I want her in coin shops without me - especially if she doesn't know that a Franklin Half isn't a Silver Dollar.



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