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Some coin fun at Renfest today.



My wife and I went to Renfest today, childfree, while her parents had our sons.

While there I found a "penny" on the ground only to find that it was some weird, penny-like token with a Jolly-roger on it. I'll see if I can get pictures of it to share later.

Later on in the day I was given a 1974 half dollar in change - and I couldn't even tell you the last time that happened. No one ever has half dollars these days. I didn't keep it though. I tossed it into a tip jar later in the day.

I wonder if anyone here has experience with https://www.ma-shops.com.

Another user here linked me to some listings there for the 1880,1885, and 1886 10G coins. I've never shopped there before - I've only gone through eBay. I've long since accepted that to finish that set I'll probably have to buy raw and get them graded myself. I've been holding off on doing so while I finished getting the more common dates that I can get already graded, but I think I'm about to have to more seriously look at biting that bullet / taking that leap. I'll probably face a similar problem if I want to truly finish my Zimbabwe note set - there's a handful of notes that just don't seem to be available already graded by PMG - or, if they are out there, the sellers still think people are paying what they were in 2012-2015 for them.



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No. I never dress up and Shandy hasn't in several years. I may decide to invest in an outfit at some point but that'll come later. Right now I'm paying off student loans and cars and my coin budget is meager enough as it is. Lol

I am very much looking forward to paying off my loans in 12 months and the first car in 18. :)

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Hey Revenant. MA-Shops.com does have a huge selection, plus they guarantee everything.  If you order from a European Dealer (provided you are in US) it takes a bit longer to receive the item of course.  

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