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NGC Please Don't Leave U.S. (us) for the World Market



There seems to be a growing corporate strategy for NGC to focus on the Non-US market over the US and leave the US to PCGS.  I may be wrong and this is in no way a dump on NGC (you can read my laudatory comments about Mark Salzberg and NGC in the "A SLQ Problem Coin's Journey to Righteousness" journal thread.)  https://www.ngccoin.com/boards/blogs/entry/292-a-slq-problem-coins-journey-to-righteousness/


It appears that while NGC is increasing its investments in the international market it is not doing as much on upgrading the U.S. platform.  The data I use to make the conclusion that NGC is shifting their focus to the Non-US market over the US is based on 1) they dumped all PCGS coins out of existing "World" slots, years ago. 2) The registry no longer starts with US coins but it takes an egalitarian approach to all countries listing coins alphabetically by nation (I start each of my "registry encounters" with Albania.) 3) While they have decreased their presence at US shows (Long Beach etc.) they have increased their presence internationally.  This includes both a greater presence at international shows and NGC has opened new "bricks and mortar" Centers in many other countries especially in Asia.  This "corporate approach" is probably working as they seem to be the dominant grading service for both World and Ancient coins.  Their volume has increased particularly in Asian paper money.


With regard to the registry platform the registry navigation drives me crazy.  When I finish working on my Complete Standing Liberty Quarter (SLQ) set and want to go back to Quarters to work on my "one per date" SLQ set or Early Quarters set and use the back navigation button on the browser, the browser does not go back to the Quarter's registry page but back to the first page of the NGC Registry (Albania.)  I met with the NGC staff at a FUN show and explained this problem and they were clearly aware of as they said that others had complained as well.  Alas 2 years and no fix and you cannot "bookmark” page 2, 3 or 8 even as a go around.  If you bookmark page 6 the Registry opens to the first page (Albania.) 


I believe in NGC and find their grading more consistent and fair than PCGS.  I much prefer dealing with Mark Salzberg over David Hall. I remember when Heritage Auction was more ANACS than PCGS or NGC.  Then ANACS slowly disappeared and it was NGC and PCGS.  Now, for U.S., coins I am seeing a decrease in NGC leaving PCGS alone.  I hope NGC does not abandon the U.S. market by default (by not focusing their prime effort in the U.S. market and shifting it to the World market.)  As I said I believe in and prefer NGC.   NGC brought me the Edge View which brings some coins to life.  NGC, for the most part, photographs every coin that they grade (PCGS does not.)   That photo can help you recover a stolen coin (I have done it.)   These efforts by NGC are what sets them as the market leader regardless of who was first to slab a coin (PCGS 1986 and NGC 1987) or who the Investor Class prefers.  Please don't leave U.S. NGC!







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I like both companies but lately am preferring NGC for my world crown sized collection as NGC has graded so much more world coins than pcgs. So lately a lot of my purchases have been crown sized world coins in NGC holders......they fit with the rest of my collection! Keep up the great work NGC!

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I still prefer NGC, many including myself could kind of see some things on the way at PCGS and with all the recent changes it's a very good discussion on this...and I decided a long time ago to stay with NGC, PCGS started loosening up a high ranking person over there had a Family Member which did over Millions in submissions....??? Many now wonder what those graded...and for who/what purpose...? Yes, Keep up the good work NGC!!

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Well, I suspect their name recognition among US collectors is pretty solid at this point and they probably feel like they just don't need to try as hard in this market anymore. I mean, they even did the holders for the Smithsonian collection if I'm remembering that announcement from a few years ago correctly. I don't know if you can buy publicity much better than that in the US market.

I also wouldn't be surprised if in a lot of ways the US market is somewhat tapped-out with the exclusion of moderns, which don't bring in as much money for them, and they need to try to start pulling in more of the world market to keep growing and keep the revenue coming in at the levels they want into the future.

I don't think you have to worry about NGC abandoning the US market and I don't think they have to worry much about collectors not knowing who they are.

Of course, I could be wrong about all of this, but that would be my guess.

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I don't care were they grade they are world coins that they will find in no time. It doesn't hurt. I do have one problem . They have two many things going on at one time and we can't keep up. I wish they went back to brown labels when I broke into coins my mentor always said you buy the coin not the label. To many labels and that just   retailers ending in the twenty dollars. If someone wants to buy your coin there n not going to say what a beautiful label. They will say what a beautiful coin. And he's right. Change the core leave the label alone. Mike

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You can't beat the NGC Edge View Holders. Many tokens have words on the edge and that is the only way to see them. Even those make it hard to view but it is the best out there. Thanks..

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