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PCGS NEVER make mistakes, because of superior QC



Here is a coin that I paid a whopping $360 for, obviously in 2002.  I was proud of my find because all the other bidder appeared to be bidding on the holder not the coin.  The value of a 1908 with "Motto" is, or was higher than the no motto variety.  I paid $40 under greysheet for th coin which was about par for the with motto variety at the time.  I took it to the PCGS booth at Long Beach and they aggressively offered to reholder the coin for free, I passed.  So the coin sits misunderstood by its holder.  I actually have a collection of these and in my experience I have had a easier time finding error PCGS than NGC coins.  This is a satirical post bout PCGS for those that are wondering what I am talking about.  The motto is on the reverse just above the sun and the holder clearly says that there is no motto, a motto that Theodore Roosevelt felt violated the separation of Church and State.  Next a 1849 Gold dollar in an open wreath holder with a close wreath.





1908 with Motto G$20 PCGS MS 62 Obverse.jpg

1908 with Motto G$20 PCGS MS 62 Reverse.jpg



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I'm not surprised in the least.  Let's see.....what PCGS oopses have I seen.  I've seen many 1970-S Large Date Lincoln Cents certified as Small Dates by PCGS.  I've also heard about.....and this is a bad one for the collector who buys it.....1909-D Half Eagles being slabbed as 1909-O's.  My local dealer has a PCGS graded 1944 Mercury Dime that is labeled as a 1942-S.....they keep that one just to show people.  I've also heard of PCGS boo boo's with 1979 and 1981 Type 1 and 2 coins, especially with the 1981 types.  And PCGS seems to want to position themselves as THE US coin grading service.  Well, I saw somewhere recently that their stock keeps going down in value.  Maybe the market will take care of this problem itself......

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To be fair, mistakes do happen on the NGC side of the house also. I have an 1878-S quarter eagle that is in an NGC 1878 quarter eagle holder. Still the point of your post is well taken, PCGS and their followers think their (you know what) don't stink.



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Or their mistake isn't as bad as when NGC makes a mistake. Look at the current thread ATS about a 179 half 6 dollar that has the stars engraved. It straight graded instead of details. Pretty civil.......however turn it around and NGC graded that.......holy cow, their would be a crucifixion on how terrible NGC is, why they are going downhill, blah blah blah

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I bought a Franklin half in a NGC holder a few years ago. The NGC label read "1952-S MS-64 FBL", and the dealer's listing included nice, sharp close-up photos of complete bell lines and a rather poor photo of the entire reverse. The mint mark was, of course, a "D" when it arrived.  The dealer that sold it to me on line was quite embarrassed to get it back and vey quick to issue a refund.

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I also have an NGC story. I bought the finest known 1943(P) Curacao 5C on eBay, but it was in a holder that identified it as a coin from the Netherlands.  The eBay seller properly identified the coin and pointed out the fact that it was in a mislabeled holder.  I showed it to NGC at the 2015 ANA show in Chicago and they reholdered it for free at the show.   Before and after photos below.  Note that the cert number is the same.0050_1943_5Cents_NGC_MS68_20141029-01_4_front_as_purchased.thumb.jpg.513d5375e9620bef004ed9bc1b83b5e8.jpg0050_1943_5Cents_NGC_MS68_20141029-01_4_front.thumb.jpg.52b0c290f3271fedebfe8b89075f04d5.jpg

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Mechanical Error

This 1992 onza Libertad is labeled a 1991 onza.  This is where you can play games with your registry set.  The coin fits into the 1991 slot but not the 1992 slot.  This coin would get more points than the current occupant of the 1991 slot in my Registry.  I have an MS68 in the 1991 slot and NOTHING in my 1992 slot.  I haven't decided if I will buy another 1992 MS 69 or keep the label error or let NGC correct its mistake.  



1991 or 1992.jpg

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I think since there corporate problems they have made many. My friend sent some currency to be graded. Months ago. It's seems that department is a total mess. I have heard lost items. Items not returned for various reasons. I believe there corporate problems are just the beginning of  company  falling apart. I don't mean going out of business but there always in the magazines they have tried to spin there problems but I don't think it's working. That's my opinion I believe they will be around a long time. But they better get there act together fast.

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I would hope that NGC and PCGS keep documentation on who graded the coin. I'm not sure how the grader gets paid, if it's by each coin or by the hour or maybe a commission based on the value of the coin. If NGC needs an extra day to verify the coin mint mark and label I'm certainly willing to wait. 

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The graders are not responsible for typing up the label.  There is a separate QC at the end of the process but apparently it doesn't involve looking at the labels.

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That is quite a glaring mistake. It drives me crazy when they miss identify a coins obverse and reverse. They can't seem to get that right on World Coins. Just once I would like to get a Mexican coin back correct. I will be sending in a 1982 DDO Libertad. I bet it comes back as a DDO.

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I Wasatch Rick Tomaska. The man is good. I don't buy from him I listen and learn. Last night tinkerers most interesting fact. For those who watch the show. He will goldmine sheet with mintages. Also is the grade and how many PCGS and NGC graded in a certain grade PCGS  is the most liberal graders I have ever seen. Ten twenty thirty times higher than NGC. And its no secret the Smith didn't pick them as the best slabs. There putting three hundred of our most famous and expensive coins in NGC slabs. They tested them for everything. Watch the show once and learn who's given out the higher grades. For money. Mike

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