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The game of "mechanical errors". I didn't say it was a fun game.

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Like I said in my past post I have had 5 mis-labeling issues in the past 4 orders. That's not saying anything about the 10 or so before that.

I have added a pic of two coins that were in the same order as the turned around maundy coins. NGC labeled both these coins 1960 Shilling Scottish Crest. Can you find the screw up? It's kind of like "where's Waldo", but A LOT EASIER!

Let me know if you can beat the pros.


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Hello K.D. Lewis,

Well, that's very good because you're right. The scottish came back as a 66 and the english was a 58.

But you're kind of missing the fun of the game. NGC labeled BOTH of these coins as scottish CREST and as you can see they are not both that. 

The funny kicker to this all is that the scottish crest was line 29 and the english crest was line 30 on the order.  Yep, you got it, they graded them back to back.

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I am just sending a submission to NGC, including 4 Maundy sets. Given your experience I am pointing out to them that all of these 16 coins are part of a Maundy set for their respective years.

Im not sure that one order goes to the same grader. You would think so, but...? what is clear is that they are looked at one at a time without reference to anything else so there is no reference of one piece to another as part of a set.

What I am sending now will also include an as struck British 1717 6P , a virtually as struck British 1674 halfcrown and an English 1665 Pattern farthing. Since these are more valuable pieces,I am sending supporting documents for each one and am also underlining that each three pence in the Maundy Sets are Maundy and not currency 3P (the other three denominations in each set, silver 1,2 and 4P, were not minted as currency pieces). It can be very difficult to tell the difference as the design is the same. Maundies, especially in the late Victorian period and after, have much more of a proof like appearance than the currency pieces and that is the only difference I am aware of.

In my previous submission I sent an 1891 3P with a prooflike obverse and a non prooflike reverse. I made sure before it was graded that it be judged as a currency piece given the non prooflike reverse and had a dealer with 35 years experience in British to back me up. The obverse was either a Maundy die or a first strike with a very fresh die.

It came back OK but was being graded as a Maundy before I intervened. I found that out thru checking the receiving function when the coin was delivered.

For NGC this can be very hard as single Maundy coins can be submitted, not as part of a set. But they are supposed to be the experts. And they dont and cant know everything. Question for world coins is how much DO they know? So you give them the help that you can to minimize screwups like this before they happen.

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That is very smart of you to go the extra mile and send information to help them get it right the first time.

I did a similar thing about 5 years ago. I had a 2000 five pound Millennium coin and a 2000 five pound Millennium coin that was minted at the dome. The only difference between the two is a small DOME at 3 o'clock on the coin that was minted at the DOME  (kind of common sense right?)  But I had a feeling that the pros would miss this, so I went the extra mile too:

** made notes on my order form pointing out the differences.

** sent the cardboard packaging that the DOME coin came in with the order

** printed out small pictures of the different packaging of both coins and stapled it to the order form

Bet you can't guess what happened. 

They both came back labeled as the same coin. Yep.

So comes to find out, after a few phone calls, they just trashed all the extra paperwork I sent.

I tried again about 2 months ago and the pros finally got it. Here are pics.



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You can also check whether they get it right in the submission status area, where they properly identify (or not) the coins when they are received. that is how I intervened on the 1891 3P issue I mentioned before. So I called and emailed them to get that straight before they finished.

I also as much as I can , identify the variety on the paper insert put in each coin flip, rather than just putting on the invoice and line number.

So those are other ways to skin that cat.

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Hey rmw,

I'm here. Just finding hard to get excited about collecting with so much going on. 

I've lost count on the number of mis-labeled coin from NGC. And their folks mounting my sets in every direction. 

The last 3 items I won on eBay at killer prices have been conveniently "out of stock". It seems hard and hard to just have fun.

Just need some time to chill out and find the fun in all this again.

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Hi Welsh Dragon:  YES ! -- It is unacceptable for NGC to encapsulate coins tilted. -- It is simply unacceptable and if NGC has a "Final Quality Inspector"

(as they proudly announce), this mistake should not be allowed to go through ... In fact, it is NOT a mistake, it is SLOPPINESS.

Further, for such a "serious, top-level grading house", they should be encapsulating with the Anverso of the coin matching with the Front Label of the capsule,

but not, and you get a series of coins (same type, different years) showing either the Anverso or the Reverso at the face of the capsule. This should NOT happen !

*** Anybody listening over there, NGC ?? -- Hello ! Hello ! Anybody there, NGC ?

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