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Who would do this?!

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Hello everyone, 

I have added 4 pics of a 2006 Great Britain Maundy set I just received in my latest order.  Look at the cert. #'s. YES, they are in a row. Now look at the coins.  YES, they face front-back-front-back.  Who would do this?  Even a non-collector must know this looks stupid.  Maybe the monkeys in the slab room thinks it's funny. 





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I can see (maybe) that the guy would set them like this by accident (although he probably should get a different type job where it doesn't matter if he is ADHD) but I don't see how quality control didn't catch this.   They probably looked at each coin individually and didn't lay them out as if they were a set and they probably didn't compare one coin to another to see that it was a sequential set.  After all, a 1P coin is different from a 2p coin, etc so it didn't ring a bell that this was the same country and year and that while the values were different (which makes them entirely different animals) that they were in fact related.    

I was under the impression that the rule was that the year always goes to the front? So that alone would have prevented this.   But if that isn't their rule and they go by whatever is officially the obverse, that there would have prevented this as I doubt the different values have the definition of the obverse set in alternating fashion!

NGC probably won't be overly apologetic about it either.  I've got the impression that if you don't spend  twenty-five thousand dollars per month on grading fees with them that  your concern really isn't a concern.   They see this as not important and not a hassle to pack these and return to be corrected and then wait some more for them to get back in the mail.   But to a collector that is important to have the coins and not do any more waiting.  Or the collector may be disappointed in the grade and wants to sell them and try again with new coins and  then the wait to get them back and ready to sale is a hassle   And to a dealer, especially ones just getting started out that really need to make coins available for sale right away, this just puts a halt to cash flow until these get back corrected and available for sale.  I've been there on that one!

While this may seem unimportant to NGC, it actually is important to their income, because the quicker a person can get a coin back from grading and sell it then the quicker they can buy more coins and hand them more money to grade them and start the process over again.

Apparently they have no use for additional income.  Fat and happy.

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I have found NGC to be quite willing to own up to mistakes they make, and usually quick and cooperative in correcting them.  Have you sent these photos to NGC for an explanation and given them an opportunity to fix the problem?  Someone (or multiple someones) goofed, but I would give NGC a chance to make it right. 

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I have yet to do so, but I plan on it. But this "opportunity" is getting old very fast.  I have had 5 mis-labeled coins in the past 4 orders.  NGC calls this a "mechanical error" and they will fix them, however it takes about 2 to 3 weeks to get it turned around. That's on top of the first month it takes to receive the order.  This constant re-sending of coins so the "pros" can get it right is becoming a joke.

But yes, in the end, if I want this set to look less stupid I will have to break down and send these in too.  But I still stand by my original question.......what insufficiently_thoughtful_person would mount these 4 coins, that were right in a row, in two different directions? And I will add an extra question....what the hell is "QC" doing? My guess, playing cards.

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It sounds to me as if you are owed an apology. Sloppy work at NGC. As you say it should not have happened in the first place.

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And by the way, that's a nice set .

there really should be a discount for submitting 4 coin Maundy Sets

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Thank you rmw.  I'm falling in love with Maundy sets. I really like the proof sets or the sets that have a proof like finish which are mostly the newer years. But the history of the older sets are cool too.

Plus I really like the challenge of trying to get good grades.

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Tough to get better than what you got, even if they were mounted incorrectly.

you might want to check out my Maundy Monarchs Registry set.

a couple of these sets were bought over 30 years ago from the Buddy Ebsen (Jed Clampett of the Beverly Hillbillies) Collection. They are a couple of the very few survivors of my first collection from college. There are now over 20 sets never submitted and others which are slabbed but not in the Registry Sets.

i really like Maundy Sets too as the origins of the annual Maundy ceremony is ancient.

they are of limited mintage as well, not like a lot of modern collectors Coins these days.

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I don't think anymore that the people at NGC are the be all and end all for world coins.

Admittedly it is a vast area to have expertise in, dwarfing the US series , which despite its variety is nothing compared to 26 centuries of minting coins from thousands of jurisdictions.

For British coins anyway it would be good to consult at least with the Standard catelog. I know for a fact it is not, let alone having a Maundy set slabbed back to front which is clearly a sign of lack of knowledge or sloppiness.





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To deal with this issue for British pieces I intend to send supporting material documents for coins and medals they may not be familiar with, for future submissions.

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  • Administrator

My apologies for this error. We are looking into how this could have happened. In the meantime, please feel free to return these coins to us for correction at no cost to you. If you have any questions please contact NGC customer service at 1.800.NGC.COIN and reference this post. We look forward to rectifying this situation.

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  • Administrator

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to correct these mistakes.

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