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ICG not for me



ICG's not for me, thats like using ANACS might as well toss money in the fireplace

I know I see plenty of icg coins on ebay most of which don't sell very well at any auction platform.

As for the error's I'm trying to get some sort of resolution. Honestly I think the grader was having a bad day and just had a bug up his A** when he graded my coins or had bad information because their is no way several of these coins graded MS64 when they should be MS67 due to the strong strike and like 3/4 very light marks in the hair line area.

The cents that burns me the most is the 9 FS-032 1971-S error found in mint state rather than proof. And the super rare 6 FS-030 1970-S. The 1960-D's Sm/lg date doesn't upset me that much even though 2 were already certified by NGC which they still haven't explained that one.

If NGC won't do anything about it, then the next coin show that is close to me I'll get the advice of one of the pcgs graders as to whether or not to resubmit through pcgs. But I can say that anymore errors probably won't make it to NGC unless the current error grader quits or gets fired which would bring a big grin to my face right now. Just regular coins from now on



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