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I personally have20220314_131414.thumb.jpg.a5eee2321d684eb3341c4608ec34d814.jpg an exciting extensive doubled die obverse and reverse collection. For the first 18 years of my life my grandma created this set for me unbeknownst to me. And when I graduated high school they were given to me, but I had no interest. Which if I would have I would have had this collection certified. It blows my mind just how much my grandma knew as to what would be valuable or and what is. My entire 1966 Special Mint Set are all doubled die varieties except the dime that came in the set. The 1966 penny is a Cameo DDR, Nickel is Deep Cameo, as well as the dime easily grading in at MS69. There isn't a single mark on it. It's beautifully untoned with a light golden sheen to it. I'm just really excited at the amount of material I have to learn from. I have 8 1980 DDO's with the lowest grade being a BN MS62. 

I'm overwhelmed at the volume of the collection. I need to think it down for getting into the 1930's & 20's, and the teens. My collection starts at 1927 and ends at 2007 DDO. Thinning out the heard to get those DDO's I don't have, the "big boys!" I have nearly every other variety and DDO not common and considered minor. And this is just my pennies. It's too much!  The Bicentennial Quarter is currently being graded by PCGS and quite excited about that one! I also am waitin' on my 1968-D DDR too. I'm guessing maybe an AU58+ on that one. But the '76 25C piece looks incredible. There's only one mark on the neck of Washington. Beautiful. That '68 has 3 collars in addition to the DDO. It's a cool coin.20220314_131414.thumb.jpg.a5eee2321d684eb3341c4608ec34d814.jpg



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Phantom Mint Marks. Where are they?

What's interesting is this 1995-D DDO FS-101. Although it is yet to be graded and will be one of the first NGCCOIN will grade out of my collection, I want to explore why a "P" would show up on a "D" die. Is it possible this die was for another coin, I don't know. I'm hoping you'll be able to help me understand why and does it add any value to the penny?