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At the end of 2016 this guy at a Chinatown in Thailand was told I am looking for "King Five" coins.  He gave me this 113 year-old copper 2 ATT.  I owe him one.



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1916 Egypt Gold 100 Piaster Fakes

As part of my collection of coins from 1916 (allegedly for my kid) I have been trying to get the Gold 100 Piasters from Egypt.  It's a one year type, also known as AH 1335 in the Islamic calendar.  Struck under authority of the British occupation in the middle of World War One when the Ottomans were on Germany Austria and Bulgaria's side.  You can get piles of the 20P 10P and 5P silver coins of the same year, and also from 1917, but the gold ones are tougher.  Although, watching Heritage au


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