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Coin Show Report - Parsippany, NJ

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I had a great time at Parsippany today. The show was full (about 80 dealers) and floor traffic was heavy - it was hard to get down the (relatively narrow) aisles. Parsippany is a first-Sunday-of-the-month show, so the September show is usually on Labor Day weekend. (I think this was the first time I've ever been to the September show, as I'm usually away for Labor Day weekend.)


It seemed to me that a lot of business was being done and I saw a lot of dealers walking the floor. In fact, I only spent a couple of minutes at Tom Hyland's table, because he was so busy.


Actually, I didn't really get to look around that much because I ran into TomB, who was talking to njcoincrank. Tom was looking at njcoincrank's coins and njcoincrank was gracious enough to let me look too. All I can say is: Ooohh, Aaahh, WOW! and OMYGOD!


If you ever get a chance to talk to njcoincrank (for example, at next spring's GSNA show, if he takes a table again) I encourage you to do so. He's much nicer than he'd like you to think he is and very, very knowledgable.


TomB and Bob Beels didn't take a table, so they were walking the show. Bob Beels came up and showed off a new purchase, a set of cufflinks, each of which was made from a 20 cent piece connected by a post to a Seated half dime. I thought they were very cool. According to njcoincrank, these items are not as uncommon as I would have thought.


CONFESSION TIME: I only made one (minor) purchase at the show, although I saw some Bust halves I should have looked at more closely. Those who know me may find this hugely amusing, but I bought my first TONED coin!


It's a PCGS MS-65 1941 Jefferson nickel! (Yes, it's true, I bought a MODERN coin!!) And, I paid full RETAIL (according to CoinWorld Trends) for it!!!


What possessed me, you may ask?


Well, first of all, it's in a PCGS rattler holder (and the coin really rattles, too!) and the coin (most noticably on the obverse) has turned a rather pretty pale steel blue. I don't think it's a full-steps coin, but I can't really tell with my 5x glass.


I first saw the coin at Tom Hyland's table at last May's GSNA and it was a great companion for TomB's proof 1942 Jefferson nickel (the coins were the same shade of steel blue). I though they were both was pretty, but didn't buy either. Today, Tom still had the coin, marked down for quick sale. So, I felt the coin needed a good home and bought it. (I'm a sucker for stray cats, too.)


I showed it to TomB, who said "That's a pretty coin."


So, there you have it - It's pretty and I like it. (You may now laugh all you want.)

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DaveG, it was great to see you at the show! smile.gif


I had a terrific show, the bourse was jumping and I made some sales and bought some very cool items. Among the items that I bought was a 1901 Buffalo Pan-American Exposition medal in silver, HK-287, that has wonderful, peripheral toning of aqua blue and chestnut and temendous luster. This coin I bought for my wife as she loves this type of exonumia. I was also able to buy an extemely attractive Vancouver that is mostly blinding white but has a vibrant and thin band of color on the rims. This is my first coin in the new holder by NGC, I think they look good. The purchase that really made my show, however, was a quarter that I was stupid enough to not buy the first time I saw it!!! 893whatthe.gif893frustrated.gif893whatthe.gif893frustrated.gif


DaveG, njcc and I spent considerable time looking through njcc's inventory and discussing some of the more obscure points of US numismatics. As has already been written, njcc is one of the people you want to know in this field and I am happy to say he is one of my closest friends in the hobby/industry. Now that you know that, perhaps you don't want to know him. 893scratchchin-thumb.gif893whatthe.gif


As for DaveG, I think we will get him over to the toned side someday! First this MS Jefferson, then double set cardboard US Mint Set coins! shocked.gif

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