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If EBAY wants to lose a customer.....

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I haven't listed anything in a few weeks, the style was new to me then, and they changed it already?


If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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I have to agree, some of the new things ebay has done I'm not to happy with either. I guess they beleive change is good! I like the old way better nyself, oh well.

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I used to advertize current auctions to losers of like items by unsolicited EBAY Contact User.


I made Ebay/ and Myself ALOT of money by notifying those buyers of previous lost auctions, about items I was selling, that they did not see.


I had a hit rate on my auctions after this method of contact at 95% bid rate.


They scaled down unsolicited contact from 10 last year to 5 early this year to NONE AT ALL now ... It is thier loss as I do not get the dollar amounts I used to because of lack of competitive bidding - I do not list as many coins now BECAUSE of this Unsolicitation BAN and I have pruned down to ADS on the BOARDS BEFORE Ebay ... I know I am a small operator but times ME by 10's / 100's and 1000's .. and that is a lot of dinero in the prose of protecting consumer rights.


This was a poorly thought through change NOT benefiting the buyer OR seller.


This may or may not be on topic .. I apologize if I 'trantrumed' on this subject ...

my 2c on this issue






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