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Felix Oscar Schlag, designer of the Jefferson nickel.

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Hi Chris

I thought the following line was intersting;

It is interesting to note that when I learned that my initials could be added to the nickel, I requested that the government do so. F.S., was added to all nickels made after July 1966.


Someone must of held the fort up at the US mint before they started making the nickels because I don't believe there are any 1966 nickels without F.S. initials.

I'm wondering how this enactment played in the role of the SMS coinage when many denominations dated 1964 were still being churned out as late as 1967 to keep up with commerce, There was another thread about SMS coins, if I can find it.




If I'm a little offtrack about what I talking about here, feel free to chime in anytime, to state the facts. Thanks.

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So this means that there are no F.S. nickels before 1966? I'm sure that the full step collectors will be bummed to hear this.

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All the nickels made during 1966 prior to August 1 were dated 1964 or 1965. The 1966-dated coinage for all denominations commenced on August 1.

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