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WTB- Coins for Type Set

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I am looking for dark crusty problem free coins with an even patina for my type set album. I want all of the coin to be P mint. All of the old coppers must be dark brown. If you have any coins that you think might fit the bill drop me a PM with pics and what you are asking for the coin. There are pics of some of the coins I already have to give you an idea of exactly what I am looking for. :)




Coins in Bold are coins that are in the process of being purchased


Half Cent 1809-1836 F-VF

Half Cent 1840-1857 EF

Large Cent 1793-1796 Cap G-VG

Large Cent 1835-1857 EF

Cent 1856-1858 EF

Cent 1859 EF

Cent 1860-1864 EF

Cent 1865-1909 EF

Cent 1943 Steel EF-AU

Cent 1959 EF-AU

2 Cents 1864-1873 VF-EF

3 Cents Silver 1851-1853 VF-EF

3 Cents Silver 1854-1873 VF-EF

Nickel 1867-1883 EF

Nickel 1883 No “Cents” EF

Nickel 1883-1812 EF

Nickel 1913 Raised Ground EF-AU

Nickel 1913-1938 EF-AU

Nickel 1938-1959 EF-AU

Nickel 1942-1945 Silver EF-AU

Half Dime 1837-1838 No Stars VF-EF

Half Dime 1838-1859 VF-EF

Half Dime 1853-1855 Arrows VF-EF

Half Dime 1860-1873 VF-EF

Dime 1798-1807 VG

Dime 1809-1828 F-VF

Dime 1828-1837 VF

Dime 1837-1838 No Stars VF-EF

Dime 1838-1860 VF-EF

Dime1853-1855 Arrows VF-EF

Dime 1860-1891 VF-EF

Dime 1873-1874 Arrows VF-EF

Dime 1892-1916 EF

Dime 1916-1945 EF-AU

Dime 1946-1959 EF-AU

20 Cents 1875-1878 VF-EF

Quarter 1804-1807 VG

Quarter 1815-1828 F-VF

Quarter 1831-1838 VF

Quarter 1838-1865 VF-EF

Quarter 1853 Arrows & Rays VF-EF

Quarter 1854-1855 Arrows VF-EF

Quarter 1866-1891 VF-EF

Quarter 1873-1874 Arrows VF-EF

Quarter 1892-1916 EF

Quarter 1916-1917 Type 1 EF-AU

Quarter 1917-1930 Type 2 EF-AU

Quarter 1932-1959 EF-AU

Quarter 1893 Isabella VF-EF

Half Dollar 1836-1837 VF-EF

Half Dollar 1838-1839 VF-EF

Half Dollar 1839-1866 VF-EF

Half Dollar 1853 Arrows & Rays VF-EF

Half Dollar 1854-1855 Arrows VF-EF

Half Dollar 1866-1891 VF-EF

Half Dollar 1873-1874 Arrows VF-EF

Half Dollar 1892-1915 EF

Half Dollar 1916-1947 EF-AU

Half Dollar 1948-1959 EF-AU

Dollar 1866-1873 VG-VF (I would like to find one that looks a lot like the 1841 I already have)

Dollar 1878-1921 EF-AU

Dollar 1921-1935 EF-AU

Trade Dollar 1873-1885 VF-EF

Lafayette Dollar 1900 VF-EF




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