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Hey There, San Francisco Bay Area Coin Stores

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Hey All


I'm just sortta sliding into coin collecting, which I have not even thought about since I was a kid. Not until I was sitting in a Vegas hotel room a couple of weeks ago with this massive pile of quarters that I had won on a slot. There were a whole bunch of worn out mid 60's coins and bing. This little bulb went off. So, I've been lurking a bunch, reading a bunch and sticking a little newbie finger out to scratch the surface of what seems to be a much more interesting activity than I had given it credit for. I started with a proof set from the year I was born (original place to start, I'm sure!) and a Morgan I picked up on Ebay (the first coin I bought after doing any research at all). So anyways, I was wondering if anyone could recomend any good coin shops in the Bay Area, or for that matter, ones to avoid. Thanks!




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Greetings, and welcome to the forum. I lived for 5 years on the Bay Area and have known several dealers who are ABSOLUTELY the highest of integrity.


Start with


Sal Falcone

San Jose, Ca

Has a collectibles, coin and jewelry store. Raw and slabbed coins, cards, etc.


Fremont Coin Gallery

Fremont, Ca

Vince Lacarrie

Has a full service coin store, raw, slabbed coins, currency. Call ahead since he attends many shows.


Bruce Braga

Cupertino, Ca

Attends small and major coins shows. Wonderful color coins.


Witter Coins

San Francisco, CA

Hobart Building

Old fashioned coin store, coins are mostly raw, but high end for grade. NO quibbling about price, fair.


Antioch Coins

Antioch, CA

Small store with lots of goodies, very fair prices, coins and tokens a specialty



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Welcome alcmaeon!


I know it's not the Bay Area, exactly, but Woodland Gold and Silver is great. Doug, the proprietor, is there Tues-Sat. Not a lot of inventory, but plenty for the beginner. Ask him what he may have lurking in his safe. Very fair, negotiable and always a gas to talk to. Likes to educate and be educated.


One to avoid: Davis gold and silver. Lots of cleaned coins in inventory and he once sold me a whizzed coin as BU. I learned a hard lesson there.



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