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wayte raymond and meghrig coin albums and national coin pages do they??

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these three types of albums


do they tone the same coins differently if under the exact same conditions with the exact same coin?



when did each come out??


which were more popular?


with whom?


and forwhat coins?


any thoughts and opinions?


and please if you are going to flame me

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slander me

defame my character

read more into this question then there is here

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do they tone the same coins differently if under the exact same conditions with the exact same coin?


I bought some old Raymond albums from Julian a few years ago and the coins I put in them did absolutely nothing.


My Dansco album, on the other hand, have toned some of my Kennedy's (in about 10 years) and is starting to tone my State Quarters. I'm not sure why but NONE of the silver coins I have that are in ANY holder have toned, only the copper/nickel ones.


BTW, Michael, since you didn't mention Dansco in your post I get a clear picture that you have a HUGE bias against Dansco. That is rude and unexceptable behavior. 893naughty-thumb.giflolgrin.gif



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The albums known generically as "Wayte Raymond" albums were actually invented by M. L. Beistle in 1928. He sold his rights to Raymond around 1931, and Raymond improved the product, marketing it through his retail outlet, Scott Stamp and Coin Company, as the National album. When Raymond died in 1956, the Meghrig Brothers began manufacturing a near clone of this product with their name in place of Raymond's. These continued in production as the American album until about 1970.


I won't comment on the toning question, but the album pages appear to be essentially identical, regardless of when manufactured or by whom. Only the binder varied over the years.

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david lange thanks for the information!! you sum it up nicely and i never knew all this

it is extremely helpful for me





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Mr. Lange


I've picked up a quite a few pristine Wayte Raymond boards over the past couple of months. And I'm always on the "hunt" for more. I have a complete Type Set album, Peace dollar set, Roosevelt dime set as well as several mint set boards and several large dollar boards.


They all indicate WR as the manufacturer. However, did Meghrig continue to use the Wayte Raymond name for a period of time even after his death?


There is a slot for a Memorial Lincoln in the set, so I can only assume that this board was manufactured by Meghrig and not actually by Wayte Raymond.


Are there levels of rarity in regards to the Wayte Raymond boards? Which are the hardest to find in pristine condition?


I'm aware of toning properties for silver but, what, if any, effect does the WR boards have on copper?


Any help would be appreciated.



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It's hard to say when Meghrig replaced the Wayte Raymond imprint (at the upper reverse of each page) with its own (at the lower reverse), but I know that the earliest Meghrig albums of other styles (also clones of the Raymond products) appeared around 1957-58.


I'm still attempting to determine rarity of the various pages, but it's hard because I haven't yet cataloged this area of my collection. I have just piles of these pages and binders segregated by Raymond and Meghrig brands alone.


I can't comment on their toning properties, but perhaps some other forum members have experience in that area.

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