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Draped Bust Dollar 1897 - a problem coin

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Dear NCS,


So I lucked into this Draped Bust Dollar... The coin probably grades out EF-40 or maybe EF-45, but the coin has been cleaned and there are a few rim dings.


I won't waste my money even trying to sent this into PCGS or NGC directly, but I understand NCS will encapsulate the coin. This seems like the best way to get the coin in a protective slab. Besides, NCS can conserve the coin before slabbing it to minimize future deterioration.


My question is... What sort of grading is done by NCS for the coin? Is it like ANACs used to do? You know "EF details, cleaned, rim dinged, NET EF-40"? Or something else?


My goal with this coin is to get it in a slab with enough detail that my wife or daughter could sell the coin in the future without being taken advantage of by an unscrupulous individual. A "net grade" or at least a full description of the coin "EF-45 but cleaned with three rim impressions" (or something) would probably be enough that some SOB won't be able to talk my wife into selling a $4K coin for $35.





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First, if it's a draped bust dollar, I hope that is a typo in the subject of your post. If it is not I would suspect your coin is altered or outright fake.


If it is a genuine coin, the label might read something like "XF Details, Improperly Cleaned." We do not net a grade. Also if it is submitted for NCS Details grading, if it should be acceptable for NGC grading, it will be transferred to NGC for certification. If it is a no grade with NGC, it will be encapsulated with NCS Details grade.


Chris, NCS

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