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he'p me, please.

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Bummer, I had all of my pictures wiped out from the hard drive. The only one that I miss is a portrait of Miss Anna Williams, the model for the Morgan dollar, copied from a calendar's image. I copied it a couple of months ago from an NGC thread that had a link to the PCGS boards. If anyone could provide the link then I'd be a very happy camper since it is such an identical likeness to the dollar (except for the hair, of course).


Muchas gracias.

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Lusting after Ms. Liberty? What kind of a prevert are you? Seriously, Ms. Anna was quite a babe, even if it is hard to tell where her forehead stops and her nose starts. lol

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Busted! Thanks for your input....wait a minute, let me think about this, no, no appreciation is due for your post since now the whole numismatic community knows my fetishes. blush.gif




There was a recent editorial in either Coin World or Numismatic news that went into detail about all of the models for various coinage. For instance, the bust dollar (1804 type) was modeled from a bar wench that the engraver knew.


I don't know, I just find this subject very interesting.


Don't judge me, maaaan! crazy.gif I may not know karate but I do know crazy!



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