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newbie with a few questions

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Hi, I was wondering if I should hold on to the following coins or not, i've had them for a while and am not into collecting at all.


1 - silver liberty 1944 dime with what appears to be wings on the side of her or his head


2 - 1935 quarter


3 - walking liberty 1943 half dollar


4 - 1921 dollar piece


They all apear to be silver


Any help would be appreciated smile.gif

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I'm going to assume that the 1921 dollar is a morgan, in which case the value of your coins is about $15-$20


Welcome to the boards! hi.gif

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If these coins were collected from circulation ("pocket change"), then most likely their main value comes from their silver content, not their value as collectibles.


Each of your coins is 90% silver. The price of silver has gone down recently, so I'm not sure what dealers are paying for common circulated silver coins (called "junk silver" in the trade), but they may fetch 5x face value or more.


One exception is your 1921 silver dollar. There are two designs from that year - one is a Morgan dollar (eagle with outstretched wings on the back) and the other is a Peace dollar (eagle with folded wings on the back). The Morgan dollar may fetch $8-$10, depending on condition; the Peace dollar will fetch more, depending on condition.


As always, the price your coins could fetch depends on your local area and market conditions - check with a couple of buyers in your area.

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welcome to the boards.


now, are you sure that you're not just a teensy weensy little bit interested in coin collecting???


now be honest.





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