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Pie Chart on Morgans 1878 -1904

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Nice chart!


No offense intended, but IMHO, there is not much of a premium on an issue of 14MM coins and 13 coins, although a few of the CC Morgans are scarce to rare in higher grades. The only challenge with most dates of the CC Morgans is finding one that is free of annoying abrasions. Remember that 2.7MM Morgans (mostly mintstate CC) were still being sold by the GSA into the late 1970's.


Now, "CC" Gold coins is another issue entirely. Many dates and MM's are scarce to rare in any grade.



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Yea I can see where you are coming from...........I think ?



Im still working on my first collection of circulated CC's not up on the high end of the mint mark yet !


I was just wondering what dates they were releasing during the 70.



In August 1899 some 22 tons of remaining 'CC' silver dollars were taken

away from the mint by train, and all the coining equipment was disassembled and shipped to

other facilities.


Thats when they closed the mint.




Here is another fact about the 2% of the Morgans minted.



During the big melt down of 1918 - 1919.......if only 2% of the 270,232,722 were CC Morgans that means that 5,404,654 would have been taken out of circulation forever.



The amount of CC's left over then would be 8,457,387 not all that many now subtracting those 2,700,000 the GSA was selling in the 70's.



Leaves us 5,757,387 and we have not even factored in the late 70's silver boom when silver prices skyrocketed 10 fold.



Hey thanks for your input Oldtrader..........








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