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Expected grade when submitting direct from Mint to NGC

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Normally I would believe that this is a no-brainer question, but I have seen so many instances where this is not the case...




I receive a

2007 American Eagle Silver Proof One Ounce Coin (Z76) directly from the U.S. Mint.

Having unpacked this carefully and prepared it for submission to NGC for grading per the stated guidelines I then submit this coin for grading.


Would the normal result be a very high grade??

It would seem that having purchased a relatively Modern Proof coin very soon after it has been minted and following all of the proper steps to insure it's safe delivery to NGC, that his would be the case, barring some critical Quality control issues popping up.


What Would and/or Should be the end result of this transaction?


I know this question is subject to debate, but could someone please explain the unforseeable issues that could result in a lower that expected grade?



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It should come back either PF69UCAM or PF70UCAM. Despite the fact that the "UCAM" designation is partly subjective, many SAE's will receive this designation. The only possible reason for not receiving this grade and/or designation is if the coin was mishandled by a Mint employee or one of the graders with the latter being most unlikely. Did you examine the coin before you shipped it? Even the tiniest nick or flaw could be cause to reduce the grade.



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Well, I have a subscription for all of the SAE, both Proof and Burnished-W, and after buying from the US Mint it seems like I could buy the finished products from a dealer. No more Mint - Collector - NGC - Collector, but I would rather have the coin in hand before getting it Slabbed getting the chance to enjoy it's beauty and feel the weight in my hand.





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one thing for sure, you won't get a 70 from pcgs...........they 'know' they might spot and they just won't assign the grade.............even if it is a 70 case closed.




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