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My local coin shop (UK) has just got a Clatter of Morgans in today !

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Hi all hi.gif


my local coin shop in Newcastle has just recived a load of morgan $'s in today


i was permited blush.gif to look through some of them but i was not aloud to look at all of them "how strange are these english dealers" insane.gif


the ones i was alowed to see were



1879 O

1879 S


1881 X8 all S

1882 X2

1883 X2 all O

1885 O

1887 Vam (wanted £30 which was ok but for the nasty bag mark on the cheek)

1889 X2


1890 X2 S

1898 Cleaned

1900 O


i picked through them and picked these two



1900 O

spike at neck





1881 S mirrow like fields (as did most of the 1881 S's i was shown) and almost cameo Lib..


i am going to look up the possable Vams i saw (one was the pitted reverse) in the coins and pop back tomorow


he promised me i could see the others sometime next week there looked like there was 50 + in the folder wonder whats there ???893scratchchin-thumb.gif


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Scrolling down and coming across the 1881...I immediatly thought that had to be a San Fransico mint...and it was.


Couple of nice scores Dooly


Wondering...you think these coins were already in your country in someones collection, or is the dealer bringing these in from other sources?

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