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Cross over question

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I am getting ready to send coins in to be cross overed to NGC. I saw on your submission forms and tiers that you will not cross over or open any slabs that do not match the grade on the slab. Is this final or can I request with a note to still go ahead and open the slabs and still grade them as NGC sees? If there is a charge to this and how much? I would be glad to pay the charge for opening the coins as the reason I'm asking is that I myself wouldn't want to open the slabs I have because of my experience and I would be afraid to do it and ruin the coin. I understand that if NGC does it and there is damage you are NOT liable but you have more experience at this than I do and the percentage of damage when NGC does it will be a lot less than if I did it. Thanks in advance for any help and Information on this matter. By the way you guys are really great at getting us the information and help we need. My hat is off to you all at NGC. 893applaud-thumb.gif



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If you are willing to take any grade for your crossover coins, please make this request known specifically on your submission form. We will then process your coins with the knowledge that any grade will be accepted by you. Only should a coin deserve a "no grade" would we then leave it in its holder.


The NGC charge is only the amount for the "crossover" service you are requesting.


Keep in mind that NGC still does not permit crossover requests for higher grades than those stated on the submitted holders.


Again, please make your intentions clear on the submission form to be sure your request is met.





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