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Just Trying to Learn.....Sheldon # on 1803 Cent

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I know very little about early coppers, but there are many knowlegable EAC members here that can and will help you out with this question, maybe not tonight, but perhaps tomorrow if they do not have "Fathers Day" plans that would take them away from the boards.


Do not let a sign on little or no replies concern you, if this thread starts to fade down the line, give it a bump to bring it back up for another breath of fresh air.



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Thanks for the response. It looks like its only a low-end R-3 from what I see, so not really worth any premium. I also agree that it isn't a particularly nice example.


The variety is S-261 (a.k.a. Breen 1803 - 20) and it's rated as a high R-2. The coin is a bit more interesting that you guys might believe.


The mnt sold this die along with other dies and scrap metal in 1816. Famed collector, Joseph Mickley purchased this die along with a number of others and struck some pieces with it. Later an unknown party acquired this obverse die, altered the date to 1804 and used it strike the so-called 1804 Restrike cents. The reverse of the 1804 Restrike was muled with an 1802 large cent die.


As such the coin does have more of a collectors' interest than some of the other run of the mill 1803 varieties.

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Thanks for the history. I also think the huge die crack is cool and will likely keep my eyes open for a good example.


It was late last night. I should have said thinks to the OP for putting up a cool coin. but since it isn't so rare, I'll wait for a better example. --Jerry

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