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My first NGC submission is on it's way

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Now I get to sweat it out for two weeks. Greg's advice on using the EarlyBird freebies for the more expensive coins was a good one. I didn't have any raw coins over $300 left, so just used it for some pre-1955 ones I wanted graded.


1) 1808 Bust Half which, believe it or not, has never been abrasively cleaned.

2) 1905 IHC with monster toning on the obverse, plain brown reverse, very baggy

3) 1927-S Peace $ blast white with the strike and luster of a gem. A scuff in the obverse field will keep it down, though.

4) 1938-D Buffalo with even goldish-rose tone, booming luster shines through.

5) 1942 Walker Half I cracked out of a SEGS slab.


I can't grade IHC's and don't want to jinx the rest, so no grade guess-timates from me this time wink.gif


Oh, and whoever said SEGS slabs are built like tanks wasn't kidding. That was one tough nut to crack! sumo.gif


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Well Allright



Congrats.I hope you enjoy you submissions.Now you can sit up all day and hit the refresh button checking on the status of your order.


Not that I would do such a thing crazy.gif

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Grades are in:


Item Year Mint

Mark Variety Denom. Proof Grade Strike

Char Comments

001 1905 1C MS CORROSION


002 1927 S S$1 MS 62


003 1938 D BUFFALO 5C MS 66


004 1942 50C MS 62




Can't say I'm surprised by the cent, there was some corrosion. The grader and finalizer have to be as blind as bats to think the 1808 half was improperly cleaned, however. The 1942 half was cracked out of a SEGS MS 64 holder. And for my grand finale of a shocker, the 1927-S Peace $ was cracked out af a PCI MS60 gold label holder. blush.gif Glad I didn't mention that previously.


The bust half will easily slab at another service, which is where my next batch of coins are going now. After all the abrasively cleaned early halves I've seen holdered, which this coin IS NOT, a body bag is just unacceptable.




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Sorry to hear about your 1808 half, is there a way you can ask them to take another look at it for you and to explain what they were thinking when they came to that determination?

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"Sorry to hear about your 1808 half, is there a way you can ask them to take another look at it for you and to explain what they were thinking when they came to that determination?"


I expect there will be an explaination in the box. Not that it matters, I know the coin hasn't been abrasively cleaned. That's not the only reason I'm upset, though. NGC doesn't seem to want to give me an money grades either. Both the 62's I graded 63 and the Buffalo could easily have been a 67. If I wanted to play boolshiat micro-grading games I would have stuck with PCGS. Not sure if I'll be sending NGC anything else and really wish I hadn't wasted $99 on club membership.


"Whats this?"


Nothing personal, just have some job opportunities I need to pursue and am thoroughly disgusted with dealing in third party graded coins. Really hoping a gig in Alaska comes through. Have always wanted to live there. It's for a Native American tribal council too, how cool would that be!


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I picked the coins up at the post office today -- missed the mail man on Saturday. I don't know if it's because I rushed them out, but the ones they did grade don't seem too bad at the moment. The Peace $ is, well, now maxed out in the 62 holder. The Buffalo 5c, uh, shows some strike weakness on the tail, which makes it a maxed out coin too. The right side obverse of the Walker appears to have had some spots removed, so SEGS overgraded it and NGC got that one right too. I guess I can only really complain about the Bust half. It has some discoloration in the middle, but I still don't think it's been improperly cleaned, just a little ugly.


I was a little upset (again) that they returned the body bagged coins in PVC FLIPS!!! The coins were inside polybags, so weren't in direct contact, but box smelled just like a new shower curtain when I opened it. And there were no explainations, just the typical stickers and check marks.


I'll probably go ahead and send the foreign coin submission I was planning on and use the NCS coupon for a few problem coins in my personal collection, like my rim dinged 1393/893 Peruvian Sol. Then it's time for me to move on to another line of work. I liked coins better as a hobby.


Overall, not as bad as I may have made it out to seem. Maybe it was the lighting I used, but they look different now somehow. So please ignore my excessive ranting, probably had too much coffee (again). wink.gif



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