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Hey Skippy my F-18 Shield Nickel came today

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this came today from eBay


its a 1868 shield nickel


Rev: Hub IIa

Obv: a

RPD fletcher code F-18

URS-4 = 5-8 Known


check out all them lovely die cracks !!!


i think it looks better in the hand than the sellers pictures and would look better still in an NGC slabb but unfortuantly it is not listed in Cherrypickers'


keep looking out there as there are still some coins which have not been cherrypicked out there







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That is nice. 5-8 known, wow! Things that rare are not going to be in Cherrypickers, that is for more common things that you can find. On my monitor it is showing up rather greenish, is it really or is that just a trick? Maybe a quick acetone bath might be good.

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Cheers PF


its my scanner, its not that green in the hand.. i think i will send it to NCS for a spruce up before i send it to skippy to photograph for the SNN..

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Dooly, your coin looks nice and appears to be correctly attributed as an F-18. There is no need to send me that variety for photography, as SNV already has F-18 in its database.


physics-fan (and Dooly): all shield nickel variety quoted rarities should be taken with a large grain of salt. The rarity numbers are no more than guesses. CPG lists multiple shield nickel varieties that are only 5-8 known.



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