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Why are some proof sets cost/worth more than other years?

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For example..


2001 silver proof set going for about $160 on ebay, but 2002 only goes for around

$60. What am i missing? confused-smiley-013.gif

The 2001 proof Sac. confused-smiley-013.gif
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Why is the 2001 proof Sacagawea worth so much more than other years? I'm sure there's a simple explanation, but what it is I don't know.

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Well, the "simple" answer is obvious - supply and demand.


For a more detailed answer, we'll have to wait for someone who's more conversant with modern proof sets than I am.


I do recall, though, that the Mint had ordering limits in place in some years, so that dealers couldn't order bulk lots and, as a result, the sets were widely dispersed and dealers had to buy them a few at a time from collectors to get the quantities they wanted.


In other cases, a set might contain a desirable coin that could only be obtained in that year's sets, but it might not the next year.

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2000- S (proof) Sacagawea Dollar 4,063,000/

2000 (10 coins) -clad 3,097,000/

2000 (silver 10 coins) 965,430


2001 - S (proof) Sacagawea Dollar 3,184,750/

2001 (10 coins) -clad 2,295,400/

2001 (silver 10 coins) 889,700


2002 - S (proof) Sacagawea Dollar 3,212,000/

2002 (10 coins) -clad 2,319,720/

2002 (silver 10 coins) 892,230


2003 - S (proof) Sacagawea Dollar 3,300,000/

2003 (10 coins) -clad 2,245,295/

2003 (silver 10 coins) 1,146,050


2004 - S (proof) Sacagawea Dollar 2,992,096/

2004 (11 coins) -clad 1,804,400?/

2004 (silver 11 coins) 1,187,700


2005-S (proof) Sacagawea Dollar 3,275,000/

2005 (11 coins) - clad 2,295,017?/ 2005 (silver 11 coins) 1,070,000?


2006-S ???

2006-s (10coin)- clad 1,916,775?

2006-s (silver 10 coin)972,000?


True, the 2001 proof sets high value is based on the somewhat low mintage of the Sacagawea Golden dollar, but how about the 2004-S, it's even lower but does not demand the higher price. Supply and demand in action, all proof sets for these years were "sold out" further increasing demand.

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