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Coin wholesalers / distributors

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I am looking to buy some rolls of jefferson nickels (proof and bu). I was wondering if anyone had any advice as to where I may find distributors / wholesalers who can sell me these rolls. Is there such a thing as a distributor like this or am I just looking for a large dealer to buy from?

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I don't think there is a distributor who deals strictly in Jefferson Nickel rolls, but you might want to check eBay. Some people cut coins out of mint sets, and bust coins out of proof sets, and sell them in rolls.


Hope this helps!

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callall the front pacge coin world advertisers they will be the most cost affective as they cut out thousands of mint products a year for a few select coins and roll up and wholesale out the rest


they might more than likely be able to help you


coin depot kirk kelly 1 800 922 0209


coasr to coast 1 800 638 8869


land c coins 1 800 669 0953


robetrt charles 1 800 293 9008


you tell them waht you want they ewill tell you waht they got to sell you and quote you a price of course if you are a dealer with a tax number a little better price and also in larger quazntity a much better p[rice and give you the price on the spot


you pass or play


right there no bu***spoon*




do not waste your time if you are more collector orientated looking as a collector and need more time to think or ask advice or hand holding then you got to pay more andgo to a retail coin store where collector service and talking and thinking about it to put in your collection at high retail then they will take the t9ime but their business opportunity cost is also factored in


you get good food at subway and also at the fancy restaurant in town and if you choose carefully subway is just as good but of course the service at the fancy -place is mucho better for a special t9ime but costs more


good luck and let me know how ytou makes out

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Do you want current Jeffersons or older coins (like from the '40s and '50s)? Do you want just a few rolls of each date and mintmark or many rolls of each?


Most dealers should have (or have easy access to) rolls of BU current Jeffersons - even in quantity.


Rolls of current proof Jeffersons, on the other hand, would have to be assembled from Proof Sets. However, most decent-sized dealers should know which larger dealers to contact for rolls of proofs. It might take some time to assemble the rolls, however.


As for older coins, again, most dealers should be able to get rolls of BU Jeffersons. They would probably offer you either "original" (the roll was put away at the time of issue) or "put-together" (the roll was recently assembled) rolls. I'm not sure it'll make much price difference in the rolls from the '60s and '70s, but it may very well in the older rolls.


Many roll collectors want "original" rolls in the hope that it will contain high-grade coins, so you need to be familiar with what an original roll should look like before you pay extra for it. A "put-together" roll will have already been searched for the highest-grade coins, but if you don't mind MS-63 or MS-64 coins, this might be a more cost effective way for you to go.


I don't know about rolls of older proof Jeffersons - they might take some searching.

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