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Rim filing questions???

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Just got a morgan back body bagged for rim filing. I found a spot that does indeed look to have been filed. The coin otherwise is a solid 65. I guess my questions are if this were indeed filed, why? And would there not be some other marks, or damage that would have occured during this process. Had this coin at one time been mounted it would not be a 65. And why remove the mount? Also could not the reeded edges of other coins in the bag produce the same effect? confused.gif

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Several reasons to file a rim:


1. coin has a rim ding that is very noticeable

2. coin has a removed mounting for jewelry

3. coin has a very dark or difficut to remove mark or speck

4. coin is uneven when laid on a flat surface.




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well i was going to post on here and after reading truths answer he suns it up well!!!!!



you would be shocked how many rim files get into holders


i had a dealer i know send a really nice ms 64 ten lib sweet coin monster eye appeal but with a rim file you had to look but it is there a no brainer sent it to a major grading service twice it got bodtbagged twice sent it to the other major service and got it holdered


now saleable for a huge price as the rim file is not seen in the holder where out of the holder a coin worth melt plus 10%


now i might add another scenerio to truths list maybe someone just started to file the rim for whatever reason to start something or just out of curiosity or to get a little gold they need for a job and then just stop


none the less it is filed and truths list is most probable




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